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Do you suspect that you may have food sensitivities?  Have you tried an elimination diet?  An elimination diet is the gold standard in dealing with food intolerances, but it only identifies the most common inflammatory foods.  Now we can help you address those foods that are causing inflammation but have no outward symptoms. These harmful foods are impossible to detect with an elimination diet.

Many respected experts agree that the best way to address food intolerances and sensitivities is the combination of an elimination diet and a science-based delayed food sensitivity test. Food is information: it is either instructing your body to rebuild and regenerate, or causing inflammation and disease over time. The Food Sensitivity Test & Personalized Diet gives you a shopping list of the best foods for your biochemistry, and a list of foods to avoid. No more guess work. Your Metabolic Makeover™ Coach does it for you!

Uncover my Food Sensitivities for only $189!*


  • Be empowered with world-class tools to get healthy- for life! We use the most comprehensive and scientifically-backed test available.
  • You may experience dramatic results in the first few weeks!
  • An easy and convenient sample collection right in the privacy and comfort of your home.
  • Your lab report will not only list the foods you should avoid, it also quantifies how seriously your body reacts to each food and food chemical.
  • You also get a list of the foods that are optimal for your unique biochemistry, so you know what to eat for optimal health!
  • You get the most targeted nutrition available as therapy- truly, food as medicine!
  • The Food Sensitivity Test & Personalized Diet gives you the fastest outcomes with the lowest effort and cost.
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Uncover my Food Sensitivities for only $189!*
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  • A Food Sensitivity intro video: The food sensitivity test you’ll use in this program is like no other. You’ll see how inflammatory foods often have some role in most chronic health conditions, learn how the lab works, and get the motivation and knowledge you need to successfully upgrade your diet for optimal health!
  • Lab kit, mailed directly to your home for convenient sample collection: Collect your blood sample in the privacy of your home. You’ll also get the easy steps to collecting your lab specimen so you can get the results with no fuss or delay! Please note: you pay a lab processing fee directly to the lab when you mail out your sample.
  • Lab Interpretation video: So you can easily decipher your test results. Learn to interpret your labs like a pro! We believe the successful clients are those who are the most educated and motivated. Find out how to reintroduce the inflammatory foods, learn the benefits of rotating the foods, and how to integrate this way of eating into your lifestyle.
  • One-on-one consultation with a Metabolic Makeover™ Coach: This is a big day! You get to take the knowledge you’ve learned from the intro and interpretation videos, and apply them to your own biochemistry. Your Metabolic Makeover™ Coach will review your lab results with you, and answer all of your questions. You’ll feel empowered, and gain clarity about your opportunities for healing to upgrade your health!
  • A customized protocol: Your Metabolic Makeover™ Coach will suggest a comprehensive and targeted protocol, tailored to address the findings on your lab. Protocols will include your list of food intolerance’s, the best foods for your biochemistry, and suggested labs for additional investigation, if applicable.
Uncover my Food Sensitivities for only $189!*


  • D.R.E.S.S.™ for Health Success Guide
  • Explaining Metabolic Chaos Videos by founder, Reed Davis
  • Special Food Sensitivity Video presented by Reed Davis
  • Pulse Test for Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Food Sensitivities & Metabolic Chaos
  • What to Do if You Eat an Intolerant Food
Uncover my Food Sensitivities for only $189!*
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  • You receive a welcome email with instant access to an awesome intro video created by FDN Founder, Reed Davis!
  • Learn why our method is so effective, drug-free and life-changing.
  • Join a dynamic and supportive Facebook Community.
  • Receive instructions on how to collect lab specimens.
  • Collect your lab sample in the comfort and privacy of your home.
  • Send the $219 lab fee directly to the lab when you mail in your lab specimen.
  • Complete a score card so we can assess your main goals and state of health, to further customize your protocol.
  • View the lab interpretation and pre-consult video to get everything you need to be prepared for your consultation.
  • Schedule an appointment for a one-on-one consultation with a Metabolic Makeover™ Coach.
  • Receive an information-packed interpretation of your lab results, and a customized protocol that will start you on the road to health!