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FDN Clinical Correlation

Advanced Heart Wellness​

Course Overview

Just a few things you’ll learn in this Advanced Heart Wellness Course

What's Included....

On demand videos

4 hours on-demand video

Mitochondria quiz

Quiz at the end of each lesson

CEU points for mitochondria course


(like CEUs)

This course is open to the public and you do NOT have to be a graduate of the FDN Program in order to learn more about Heart Wellness.


Explore the course!

  • Lesson 1 | Cardiovascular Overview

    Review of cardiovascular physiology. Obtain a brief background of the details you need in order to understand a heart wellness panel; the language, anatomy and physiology are all included.

  • Lesson 2 | Dive Deeper

    Dive into the lipid and protein controversy in relation to their role in the occurrence of heart disease. Learn the answers and how to explain the biology and the science of high fat, high cholesterol & high animal protein diets.

  • Lesson 3 | When Things Go Wrong

    Identify what can go wrong related to the cardiovascular system. Review symptoms you may see with your clients, and learn how to differentiate between those you may be able to help with versus issues that should be referred out.

  • Lesson 4 | Foundation Principles For Healing

    Learn the foundational principles for healing cardiovascular dysfunction and restoring health. We review nutritional guidelines, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle strategies to support the heart and the cardiovascular system.

  • Lesson 5 | Wellness Markers

    Review the heart wellness markers on the DHA Heart Wellness Panel, identifying optimal ranges.

  • Lesson 6 | Case Study Review

    Review an example case study.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course contains 4 hours of video teaching. So if you watch it from start to finish, that’s how long it would take to complete, plus 5-10 minutes per module for quizzes. If you really want to dig in and understand the content, we recommend applying the old college rule: 2 hours of studying for every 1 hour of teaching (12 hours total).

No! Anyone qualifies to take this course.

Of course! With this course, you’ll be equipped with the powerful tools to tackle present-day health obstacles and create a lasting heart healthy lifestyle.

Absolutely! This course gives you the tools to help your clients lead healthier and happier lives. By addressing heart health issues, you can make a positive impact on your client’s wellbeing!

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