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Practitioner Highlight!

Practitioner Highlight!

Jenn Malecha,

San Diego, CA

Applying FDN in my life has help me be 10 years skin cancer free, manage Hashimotos naturally and successfully recover from mold illness. Being an FDN Practitioner allows me to help others around the world also find the missing pieces of their health puzzle so they can get back to feeling like themselves again too

Deb Pomeroy

St. Charles, IL

FDN gave me the confidence to implement new teachings in my business immediately, and it has helped me grow personally and professionally in so many ways. As an IIN graduate and health coach I felt I could help more individuals if I could dig deeper, and FDN has given me the tools to do that!

Ryan Monahan

Longmont, CO

The FDN program was really the only program out there that was teaching its practitioners how to interpret functional labs, and I was confident that FDN would provide me with the tools needed to restore my own health, and to make a lasting difference in my work with my own clients.

Kristin Thomas

San Diego, CA

As an FDN practitioner’s client, I saw how quickly the approach helped me get to the root of my health issue despite doctors saying there wasn’t one. Have being a client, I knew I had to take my IIN education to the next level and become a FDN to help others like me.

Jason Boyd

San Antonio, TX

When I saw the program and course curriculum, I knew right away it was exactly what I needed to be doing, as I had already been studying most of the subjects. I was also looking for something I could do from home while still being able to stay true to my passion for helping people live their best lives.

Amanda Montalvo

Copperas Cove, Texas

FDN has allowed me to dig deeper and truly get to the root of my clients problems. Now I can dig deeper and make huge changes with clients. It’s an empowering feeling for both of us. FDN gave me specific testing so I could stop guessing.

Chad T Grant

Seattle, WA

When I heard the founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, Reed Davis, speak at a Paleo f(x) conference, I realized I’d finally found the paradigm I’d been searching for. FDN and the DRESS for Health Success model of rebuilding health was more comprehensive than anything I’d tried before.

Treva Thompson

Omaha, NE

After a long illness with no diagnosis, and changing my life Holistically, I began to heal myself. When I found FDN, I KNEW it was going to be a game-changer in helping people find their energy and joy again! FDN has opened my eyes, allowing me to take charge of my own health.

Wynne Heilbrunn

San Diego, CA

FDN has given me a career that I am passionate about as well as a purpose- To help others heal and feel great so they can live their best lives! FDN helped me heal my own body, and gave me the tools to help others as well. I love FDN and the support that the community gives.

Raine Miller

Coos Bay, Oregon

Thanks to FDN, my own health has improved dramatically. Now I am equipped to help others heal themselves through an understanding of how to return to wellness. After listening to a Fabulous Friday call, I wanted to know everything Brandon and Brendan knew, I knew FDN was right for me.

Jami J. Miller

Ardmore, OK

I have owned a fitness facility for over 20 years. When I started FDN everything changed for me. Including the way I ran my business, my health, and the way I approached others health issues. It opened my eyes to so many possibilities and I am so thankful I did it.

Maral Salerno

Concho, Arizona

I was looking for a certification that would educate and allow me in helping my clients run targeted labs, yet integrated into a holistic health model. When I found FDN, I knew it was the perfect fit. Because of FDN, I have so many tools at my fingertips to help people.


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Based on 39 reviews


No Regrets!

From the first module I listened and learned from I knew this was the right place for me! As a health and wellness coach I wanted a way to offer testing for my clients! Learning that testing and not guessing is the motto at FDN! I not only learned the the why but the why and what to do for my clients! Quality thru and thru from the material, to the support and the likeminded people I met. Get started today, you won’t regret it for a second!


Simply the best

Simply the best, attention to detail, and always updating key information. Attention to detail and caring for FDN clients is the blueprint for how we all should care for our clients.

Laura Burns

Certification Far Exceeded My Expectations Plus Continued Education Opportunities

The FDN Certification was everything I didn't know I needed. I set out to get a certification to further my work as a practitioner and I got so much more than I could have imagined, including a supportive community, continuous learning opportunities, and the knowledge and tools to truly make a difference in the lives of others on their health rebuilding journeys. I would recommend FDN time and time again to those who are looking to get into or further their career in the health space.

Anita Ray Ng, BA, FDN-P

Grateful for the FDN Certification Program & Membership

I learned about the FDN program several years ago, during a time when I was struggling with many unexplained physical and mental health issues. I had seen many doctors and tried a lot of things, but I was not getting enough relief. I liked the FDN concept of investigating the actual underlying reasons why I wasn't feeling great so that I could do something about it. By completing the FDN course and gaining access to functional lab work, I was able to identify the missing pieces and help myself and my family members to overcome different health challenges. I do not want others to struggle for as long as I did, so I started my own health coaching business. I now help children and adults naturally improve their mood, focus, and other brain-related problems, so that they can finally feel great, inside and out. The FDN staff and community have always been positive and helpful when I need advice. I'm grateful for my improved health and for the career opportunities that the FDN certification course has provided me.

Jennifer Lanie

FDN will change your life and allow you to help others do the same!

I considered many options when I was looking to get certified in health coaching/functional wellness and I'm so glad I chose FDN. As a former educator I can say that I'm truly impressed with the content format, multi-modal delivery and support I had every step of the way through the course. Plus the opportunity to participate in the same functional labs I was learning about helped me not only better understand the material, but also helped me radically improve my own health. The knowledge and tools I acquired have allowed me to feel confident working with complex clients right out of the gate. Plus, as a practicing FDN there are ongoing learning opportunities and a supportive community. If you are considering FDN my advice is "go for it," you won't be disappointed!


Loved FDN

FDN is a comprehensive program that delivers high value, a beautiful community, ongoing extensive training, and amazing support. I highly recommend it to any person or practitioner who wants to gain the knowledge of how to help people with solutions that actually work.


FDN shifted my paradigm on health

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition shifted my paradigm on what health means! Growing up I have always believed that Western Medicine knew everything and that everything outside of it was voodoo. But as I got older and started hearing about how much that system failed people, I began to look elsewhere. I found the Health Detective Podcast, and my world shifted! The stories, what seemed to be miracles, inspired me and gave me hope that I could help others heal as well. The course is absolutely brilliant, and I love that it's self-paced. I wish there were more practical work, or "homework" to guided our learning throughout the modules. Like for every module, have a small assignment or worksheet to fill out 🙂


FDN's Training and Mentors

When I went thru the FDN course it was a place to be able to learn, grow and connect with like minded people. We became a community. I loved the knowledge, skills, and training that I received. The best part was being mentored by Tess Hanke and Brandon Molle. They were inspiring, kind, helpful and knowledgeable willing to help bring out the Health Coach in me.... I loved being connected with people of this caliber...

Stephanie Miranda

This program has been amazing!!

This program has been amazing! I loved that it was self paced and had mentor sessions! I really appreciated the hands on application with self testing and practicals. I just graduated and already have my first couple clients! They are complex cases and I feel confident I can truly help them!


Hear from our Graduates!

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Tanja Shaw
Tanja Shaw

Fantastic, comprehensive course and a team of professionals who really care.

Lisa Sedlevicius
Lisa Sedlevicius

FDN brought me to healing opportunities that doctors never found nor had any clue of finding. The information in this course is mind blowing. I’m glad I was my own advocate in trying to heal my body from what doctors were only making me more sick. I highly recommend this course to anyone

Mark Carlson
Mark Carlson

Best functional lab-based course. Very in-depth and rigorous. Way beyond online learning. Work on your own health, case studies, and mock clients with real live professionals. Qualifies you for a board certification. And an active student community. I learned to see relationships in the body vs reducing symptoms to a single issue. That’s the key to knowing how to build health vs just managing your disease.

Tracy Williams
Tracy Williams

I had been looking for a long time for a program like this. To me, FDN is a wholistically comprehensive system that teaches you how to get well and how to help others get well. I highly recommend it.

Brandy B
Brandy B

The FDN Certification Course changed my life. After seeing several doctors who told me nothing was wrong with me, I found FDN and decided to take the course so I could be my own best advocate. The course taught me the foundations I needed to get results. By going through the course I discovered several food sensitivities, gut infections, and even an autoimmune disease I had that were contributing to my health challenges that doctors said didn't exist. If you are looking to not only help yourself but also serve others and change their lives, FDN is the education you need.

kim of the castle
kim of the castle

You can’t go wrong with FDN if you are looking to expand your knowledge on the human body, gain insight into the world of functional lab training and have direct support from the school. No other school does it better! I learned a process to help clients get real healing opportunities and in the process, I did my own healing (part of the tuition includes lab work and Results and Recommendations with the mentors). The support I received as a student was phenomenal (and the support post graduation is amazing, too.) No need to look any further.

Kari Rayl, FDN-P
Kari Rayl, FDN-P

FDN has given me the ability to work directly with clients on Disease Prevention and When Possible Reversal. Has opened up a world of Medical Providers that work in unison with me to begin Optimizing their patients 1 at a time.

Sandeep Gupta
Sandeep Gupta

Awesome health coaching school which helped me understand some basics of lifestyle, gut and hormonal dysfunction which helped myself as well as my clients !

Sandy Klang
Sandy Klang

The FDN course is an in-depth course that teaches the nuances of how to proficiently address the various health needs of people. Much of our dysfunction lies in certain areas of the body and this course shows how to recognize the cause of dysfunction and address dysfunction with OTC health-restoring supplementation. For those who care and wish to truly make a difference in the lives of others, this is the path you want to follow. Embark upon this path now! You will always be grateful you did and so will your family, friends, and clients.

Hear from our Graduates!

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Sarah Ehli C.

I looked at a lot of programs before deciding on FDN & the FDN program has EXCEEDED my expectations–not only in content but also in community & culture. It has equipped me to save my own health & has renewed my drive in my career.

The richness of content & access to & training on functional lab testing has opened a wider door to helping people get well! It is beyond exciting & rewarding.

I never felt alone in my training & was always supported every step of the way. I wondered how that would be in a self-paced (mostly) online training program, but the staff is amazing and the community support is second-to-none with an active Facebook group and live zoom study sessions with FDN staff & fellow trainees, etc.

FDN has created a culture of caring and support, where YOU feel front-and-center throughout your training (& beyond in the professional organization AFDNP) with access to the most supportive, understanding & helpful staff I have ever come into contact with (aside from my own ;-)). I truly felt championed & even celebrated each step of the way.

I am in love with this community of educators & healers!

JoAnne R.

I have enrolled in a few other Health Coaching Programs before finding FDN and I didn’t gain much traction after either of them. I stumbled upon FDN one night and I stayed up till early in the morning. I was so intrigued and it sounded exactly what I had been searching for. TEST DON’T GUESS. This is the motto that we live by at FDN and it has helped not only my own health but a number of other clients of mine.

Yes, I was able to support women who have spent most of their lives caring for others and they decided it was time to care for themselves. Most had health issues that we were able to support using functional lab testing to find the missing piece to their health puzzle. Whether it is lacking energy, digestive issues or hormone hell, we worked together to bring the body back to optimum health. I would recommend this program to those who want to bring Hope and Healing to others.

Pacurar Simona

Over the years I have studied various international courses to train my practice in a holistic, integrative approach. I lacked the way I could combine my knowledge in clinical practice.

The FDN course brought clarity through extremely well structured and explained modules for everyone to understand, without the need for a medical background.

I learned how to choose the right clients, what will be the structure of the sessions, what laboratory tests I will recommend to each individual but especially how to interpret them, how to make the clinical correlation and how to create the treatment plan based on diet, lifestyle and supplements.

It’s the only course in which before I had patients, I was my own patient, I understood better what was going on inside me and what the opportunities for improvement were, then I was able to help others.

It is the only course that has had as stages of examination many clinical cases for a better understanding and application of knowledge.

It is the only course in which mentors have been there, permanently, extremely supportive. I will always be grateful to #ShannonPlummer!

It is the only course in which the founder of the course, Reed Davis, took the time to get to know me personally, to ask me for feedback about the course and where it could improve. But it wasn’t just about the course, Reed was interested in my future plans and 3 months after the course I had a check-up related to my practice. Reed pointed out that his door is open whenever I need it! I find the involvement of this man absolutely extraordinary! Thank you, #ReedDavis !

The whole team was prompt and very supportive in various requests! Thank you very much #JoyMoats, thank you very much #DawnHeyn and the whole team involved in this course.

It was an experience that gave me wings, gave me confidence to start the practice and make a major impact in my life! For me it is the most complete course that integrates information from medicine, laboratory tests, nutrition, coaching but especially how to put all this into practice! With gratitude!

Martha L.

I just graduated from FDN and I thought the course was amazing. I have a background in nutrition and this course expanded on what I knew and will enable me to help my clients better by knowing how to interpret lab tests, find what’s out of balance in their bodies and give them solids recommendation that will help them get better. I was impressed by the detail of the information and the support by the mentors and in the FB group.

What I learned from my test results and my mentors has helped me sleep great again which has been my main complaint for 2 years.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know exactly what to do to help their clients by testing instead of guessing!


What can I say. FDN is the accelerator you cant miss out on. Being a CHEK holistic health practitioner was great. But having the tools that FDN gives you is a game changer. Many people want to see numbers. And in a health care system where many cant get these tests done, now you can have to tools and the medical support you need to help your clients excel and find optimum health and wellness. If you in any field of health and wellness this is a certification you don’t want to miss out on. It will change your practice. And the best part all this can be done online – in our current world this is amazing.

Hear from our Graduates!

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Susan Caudle

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition has been wonderful to learn from and work with. As a Pharmacist I realized that people are getting over medicated. FDN practitioners help you look at the H.I.D.D.E.N stressors so you can find healing opportunites and move forward. I am so greatful for the wonderful community.

Hannah Chessman

Fdn has been an eye opening experience! I love the easy to understand online learning template. There is so much support at your fingertips for anything that might come up. Ive learned so much about my own health also! Highly recommended!


The community support and the D.R.E.S.S way of solving health issues has been life changing for me and my clients.


I learned a great deal amount of beneficial knowledge I could take with me for the rest of my life. Most importantly teach others. The lectures and FDN mentors worded everything in a very straight forward manner. I understood everything that was taught to me.


FDN has been such an amazing experience on so many levels and we look forward to what the future has in store.


The assistance I received upon signing up for FDN was amazing as Piper was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns.


Taking the fdn courses taught me so many things. I ended up having hormonal issues and was able to heal myself during taking the course. On several occasions during a routine exam and doing blood work, my doctor didnt want to test for certain things which i requested. One being testosterone and the other my ferritin levels. Low and behold it was an issue. Fdn has taught me to look beyond but treat it as a whole. I am grateful for all i learned i just wish i finished and got certified.

Diane Kazer

I was making $2k per month as a personal nutritionist and trainer. Once I became an FDN that went up to $5k per month. Then $8k per month the following year. Now I have an online health business making over $250k per year. I recommend FDN to anyone who is who really cares about helping others make a big change and is ready to work to make a difference.

Janice Roth

I am so excited to start learning from FDN! A whole new career for me!!

Abby Burston Kranitz

Thank you Reed Davis! I am so excited to learn everything and become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. This has been the missing piece to my practice and now I know I can help people so MUCH MORE with their health problems, weight problems and unanswered issues that keep them from having the BEST life possible.

Suzanne Burton

I came to FDN as a certified health coach but with my additional FDN certification FND gave me access and learning about functional labs to help people take their health to a deeper level. This is a fantastic organization for anyone wanting to be part of a community in service to others, plus be able to create a wonderful career.


I am seeing significant improvements in my health since I started the FDN course. I didn’t have major health issues but have learned how to optimize my energy, “vital reserve”, avoid getting sick, and prevent a chronic disease down the road. Everyone knows they have to exercise, eat a balanced diet, and remove stress to maintain good health. But what most people don’t know is how to do it. FDN taught me the secret.


FDN helped me uncover my own underlying health opportunities as well as pointing me in the right direction to uncover biotoxin illness due to toxic mold exposure.


Life changing experience. And gave me my health back and in return I can help others get their health back.


Currently enrolled in the program and can’t get enough. Over the years I have acquired a lot of certifications and trainings and this is the first one that I feel like is EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN WANTING!!!! I love how science-based it is, but yet how different of an approach it presents. Highly recommend to anyone that wants a comprehensive approach!

Jenn Culver M

This course changed not only my career path but also my health and my life. By doing the testing on myself as part of the course I was able to reverse and heal my own health issues, and now as a Functional Health Coach with this training, I have helped hundreds of clients do the same thing. Something I couldn’t do as just a personal trainer or working in corporate wellness. This work is so rewarding and I’m making a great living doing it! 

Kathleen DiChiara

Transitioning from a certified Health Coach to a certified FDN practitioner allowed me to broaden the scope of services that I offered my clients and more than triple my hourly rate.
It also led to improved outcomes for clients who didn’t have to see multiple practitioners. If people are considering a career in the health and wellness field, it’s important to know there are many unpaid clinical and research hours. For this reason, it’s critical to obtain certifications that allow you to be effective and efficient — You want your clients to heal and experience significant benefits of working with you while at the same time you must be able to financially sustain your practice. In my opinion, FDN is that certification.

Cate Ritter

Reed and his staff are all phenomenal leaders, health coaches and educators!

Dennis Kouts

Great info to live your life by! Thanks for all you do, Reed!

Monica Boyle

FDN has changed my life. They have completely redefined what it means to be a health coach and I am so grateful to call myself an FDN-P. The process was challenging but exactly what I wanted. I did not have a background in health or physiology so I needed strong education about the human body. That’s exactly what I got plus so much more. The DRESS for Health Success® Program helped me stop my relapses with SIBO. They taught me what it really means to take a whole body approach and stop treating my symptoms. They also provided me with endless resources and a built in community where I was able to seek business help and feel continuously supported! Thank you FDN!


You gave me a fantastic foundation and all the tools I needed to serve coaching clients more powerfully!


Being able to use functional tests is a game changer!


This program gave me practical skills, confidence in my holistic approach, and a team of experts to continue to learn from and consult with. I am a holistic counselor, and this complements my work in mental health so well. What a unique service to be a able to offer – bridging the gap between functional medicine and mental health services. I highly recommend FDN!

Samantha Long

Above all the things I learned, FDN truly showed me how I can deepen my practice in helping people with having tests that I can correlate with my patients concerns to find them healing opportunities.


I had been a health coach for years, but the health coaching arena is a very competitive one. Everyone is becoming a health coach now. The market was becoming oversaturated with health coaches and I knew I needed to take my health coaching career to the next level and that’s where FDN came in! The thorough program seriously took my practice to the next level by offering clients extensive lab testing. I am no longer working with clients and teaching them “eat this and not that” and what a carb is and what a protein does. I now can actually sit down with clients and let them know EXACTLY what is going on inside their body and ACTUAL changes they can make based on their lab results. I find clients actually make more profound changes when they see their results in black and white versus being told what they “should” do, clients now know what they “have” to do.

Linda Yalen

I love the FDN program! This is exactly what I was looking for to expand my hormone health coaching business. I highly recommend this program!

Annie Vance

It is very informative… There is a lot of information available. Well researched resource for all areas of stress reduction.

Matt Brown

Just started the course….I’m very excited about this program and the difference it will make for my customers.

Carmen Dunn

This program was a game changer for my practice and super charged what I previously learned in my nutrition diploma.


My mentor was awesome..she helped calm my nervousness and assured me that I would be great. Afterwards she gave me great pointers and compliments. I learned so much. Shannon Plummer is great


I am loving the program and everything it has to offer as well as the benefit of being able to run labs for my clients to help them on a new level


The AFDN-P program allowed me grow from employee to Business Owner. I am the Founder & CEO of Personalized Lifestyle Nutrition and National Functional Medicine Consultant

Partnering with Medical Providers and Pharmacists to Optimize Patient Outcomes. Together we can SAVE LIVES 


I cannot express in words how much I love this program. Education as an FDN gave me the necessary knowledge to make sense of many overlooked symptoms in order to explain why (and how) I had gotten so sick. The program also gave me the tools (lab analysis etc) which took me from bed ridden to functional. I had not slept more than 4.5 hours a night in 3 years and I was so systemically inflamed that I thought I was going to die. I am still healing (I was so bad) but have managed to already help so many others with conditions ranging from PCOS to autoimmune conditions. If you’re wondering why modern medicine will not fix chronic disease… you’ve arrived at the right place! Healing is inside… welcome!


Fdn has been a great learning experience and is great for resources

Taylor Anderson

I found FDN in May of this year and it was an answer to so many prayers. I found information that jived with what I’ve seen help me heal from various health issues and further expanded on a lot of crucial topics. I just passed my last final yesterday! I can tell you, FDN has the whole package.. Structure, flexibility, easy to digest information, and support from the best health family I’ve found yet.

Kylene Griffith Terhune

Life changing program! During my certification I started making posts on social media letting my friends know I was about to become certified. By the time I graduated I had a waiting list and within the first few weeks I quickly had my first paying customers. Soon the course had paid for itself and I was well on my way to establishing my own business! This course has helped not only MY health but it’s allowed me to dig deeper with my clients so they see amazing results too!

Pamela Brogger Moore

I have really enjoyed the FDN course, especially the depth it goes into in running, interpreting and understanding functional labs for people. This will really set your wellness business apart from those giving very generalized nutrition and supplementation advice, without ever testing to really see what a person has going on. The advanced modules and continued mentor support are also of great value. Thank you Reed and FDN crew!

Jeff Hoyt

The FDN program is a fantastic option for anyone interested in getting involved with health coaching, or for health coaches who are ready to take their practices to the next level. The program does a great job of setting you up for success as a health coach in all aspects of your business, including how to get clients, how much to charge per session etc. The FDN support team is fantastic and the community of FDN grads that help each other out is incredible. I highly recommend this program!

Susan Spurgeon Caudle

FDN helped me get the training needed to move forward not only in my health but to help others


This program really empowered me to help others in their health journey. Plus the additional support once the course is finished is amazing.


FDN offers the expertise to help clients empower themselves with knowledge and guidance to achieve optimal health!. As an FDN practitioner, I facilitate functional labs that provide clues to healing opportunities for clients. In addition, The knowledge I’ve gained about botanicals, herbs, and other vetted supplement blends was very helpful. But the philosophy of the D.R.E.S.S. Program is essential to guide the client to overall wellness. Beyond finding clues to hidden stressors (via labs), Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Supplements (to help enhance healing opportunities) are key in FDN. This program takes health coaching to another level by not only learning how to help your clients with their external stress but also by using carefully chosen labs to learn about what’s going on inside.


The FDN course changed my life! I spent thousands of dollars seeing doctors and naturopath’s who all said my labs were fine and offered no solutions. I now feel empowered to help myself, my family, and my clients!

April Tribe Giauque

The information here is clear and very helpful.

Chad T Grant

For me, the FDN course was the solution to a tough problem: how to start a new career in functional health while still working another full-time job. I saw the unique potential of the FDN course to give me the “essentials” to transform lives through health coaching in 6-9 months, without spending another 2-4 years pursuing a licensed program and then STILL being limited by the conventional medical system. In real-world ROI, my 9-month FDN certification translated to making $7,000 income in the first month as a practicing FDN, which was a larger monthly income than I’d made in 12 years in my previous job path. Best career decision I’ve ever made. I’d recommend the FDN course to any health professional looking to uplevel your practice and make a big impact in the world for your clients while doing something you LOVE!

Lori Balue

This is a very valuable program and worth the investment in time and money. FDN as given me my freedom to work from home and build a business I feel good about and to be able to share my knowledge to help others heal their body. I couldn’t do this with only a health coach position. This program is giving me independence as I turn 60. I now have community and a place to further heal my body and brain. I have the test available to troubleshoot any problems I may have to help me fine tune My health. I have hope, connection, and health going into my future, what more do we need to be successful in life. The association after graduation is worth a lifetime of programs. It is excellent.

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