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Next-Level Training


Introducing next-level training from FDN that deepens your understanding and ability to clinically correlate functional lab test findings with your individual clients and patients.  FDN’s Advanced Training modules will strengthen your ability to identify healing opportunities and, as in all FDN training programs, you’ll learn natural and holistic protocols that have survived the test of time.  Select the Advanced Training modules that interest you, go through the lessons at your own pace, and immediately integrate new knowledge and skills into your practice.  FDN advanced training is designed to help you Move Your Case Forward!

Please note: These advanced courses are open to the public and you do NOT have to be a graduate of the FDN Certification Course in order to take these lessons!

Learn advanced scientific information one-step-at-a-time and take your practice to an advanced level. Help more clients build health by identifying and resolving the underlying conditions and core issues instead of just treating symptoms or the test results.