Fuel Your Functional Wellness Practice With Ongoing Business & Clinical Support.
Take a Peek Inside AFDNP

You did it!

You did it! You’ve completed the FDN Certification Course. You’re now armed with the knowledge to help others get well and stay well naturally. 

Now what?

It’s time to put that knowledge to good use by building your FDN business & up-leveling your skills as an FDN-P, so you can have a fulfilling and sustainable career while transforming lives. 

We’re here to support you every step of the way.

AFDNP is an exclusive health coach training membership for FDN course graduates that gives you the confidence you need to build a thriving, stress-free wellness practice.

Active Community

Join a family of like-minded practitioners who love to nerd out on all things functional health (seriously, our Facebook group is full of great discussion). The ability to receive support from your peers as they navigate the same hurdles of entrepreneurship that you are is invaluable.

Clinical Training

Get access to live clinical trainings every week. You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions about your cases in real-time, learn about cutting-edge topics in functional nutrition, and watch updated content for the FDN course live. This is the ongoing education you need to feel confident in your clinical skills as you move forward in your career.

Business Development

Receive ongoing support from mentors in the FDN community (including Reed Davis himself!) on how to build and grow your practice as an FDN-P. You’ll learn everything from licensing to managing clients. AFDNP is where you’ll get the ongoing guidance you need to jump into entrepreneurship with confidence after receiving your course certification.

“The Facebook community is priceless and the discounts are fantastic! The membership pays for itself if you know you’ll be taking more courses and ordering labs through MDP.”
Rebekah Stump
AFDNP Member

Take a Look Inside…

Supportive Facebook Group

Have a question about a case that has you stumped? With access to our Facebook group, you’ll never feel alone in your practice. Our community is made up of like-minded professionals who care deeply about helping you and your clients succeed.

D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success Webinar Series

Build on the firm foundation of diet, rest, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction that you learned in the FDN certification course. These webinars happen live once or twice a month, and as an AFDNP member, you’ll get lifetime access to this webinar series.

Detective Hour Sessions

Want expert advice on a difficult case? You’ll have the opportunity to attend Detective Hour twice a month, where our clinical advisors walk you through your toughest cases and provide their best recommendations for you. 

Quick & Nerdy Series

Come nerd out with us every other Tuesday as we take a deep dive into a different functional health topic. In these sessions, you’ll get a chance to learn more about a topic that interests you, like genetic mutations or hormone panel training.  

Exclusive Job Openings

AFDNP partners with experts in the functional health space who are looking for FDN professionals to join their team. As a member, you’ll be the first to know about these job postings.

Guidance From Experts

Our team of experts plays an active role in helping your FDN business succeed. You’ll receive their training and feedback on relevant topics including money mindset, business growth, functional medicine, and more. 

20% Off Advanced Modules

We offer advanced modules on specific health topics like stress & hormones, oxalates, and so much more, so you can advance your clinical skills. AFDNP members receive 20% off on every FDN advanced module for life. 

Automatically Stay Certified

Every 2 years you’ll need 6 continuing education hours to keep your FDN certification active. But as an AFDNP member, we know you’ll actively receive next-level education, so you’ll automatically meet the professional development requirement to stay certified. 

Want this type of high-level support while growing your FDN Business? You can experience all of this for just $33/month. That’s less than a standard bag of ceremonial grade matcha!


Unlock Access to FDN Business School

When you’re an active member of AFDNP, you’re eligible to sign-up for FDN Business School, which is our comprehensive health coach business training that covers everything you need to know about being an FDN entrepreneur.

This is the only business training program that’s created by FDN for FDN students. We’ve intentionally created this program to answer every question that’s ever been asked by a student!

Just a few things you’ll learn in business school…

  • How to order tests through the medical director program
  • 10 steps to starting a business
  • What it looks like to structure your day as an entrepreneur
  • How to take care of accounting
  • Managing clients with a 90-day protocol
  • How to build out a signature program

… and so much more.

Ready to Grow Your Confidence and Your Business?

Our mission is to help you build a thriving health practice you truly enjoy, so you can educate as many people as possible on how to get well and stay well naturally. Become a part of our AFDNP family for just $33/month. That’s less than a tub of collagen powder!

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