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Blood Sugar Management

Identify & Manage Blood Sugar Dysfunction

Learn the secrets to keeping your blood sugar in check naturally.

Improve your client's blood sugar levels

The body has an amazing ability to self-repair, but when that system is compromised it can cause a wide range of symptoms from minor inconveniences all the way up towards life threatening conditions.

This course outlines different types blood sugar disorders and how you might go about treating them with natural remedies and protocols.

It is estimated that over 34 million Americans have been diagnosed with Diabetes and what is worse is that another 88 million are pre-diabetic.  What if you could learn the tools that could help your clients not become one of these statistics?

Course Overview

Just a few things you’ll learn in this Advanced Blood Sugar Management Course

What's Included....

What's Included....

On demand videos

4 hours on-demand video

Mitochondria quiz

Quiz at the end of each lesson

Bonus mitochondria handouts

Links to studies, podcast interviews, and articles for further learning

CEU points for mitochondria course


(like CEUs)

This course is open to the public and you do NOT have to be a graduate of the FDN Program in order to take this lesson!


Explore the course!

  • Lesson 1 | Basic Language & Functions

    Basic carbohydrate physiology,basic language and functions you’ll need to be familiar with before going deeper into the nuances of this topic.

  • Lesson 2 | Deeper into Blood Sugar Mismanagement

    We go deeper into the issues around what can lead to blood sugar mismanagement and potential solutions.

  • Lesson 3 | When Things Go Wrong

    Learn what blood sugar dysregulation looks like. We focus on the far reaching impacts of insulin resistance, the other organ systems impacted by insulin resistance, and the symptoms your clients may present. We’ll look at patterns of insulin resistance and how it affects the body.

  • Lesson 4 | Supporting Blood Sugar Dysregulation

    How to support blood sugar dysregulation, including lifestyle factors, diet factors, nutrient support, and supplements for advanced metabolic healing.

  • Lesson 5 | Lab Testing

    How to investigate blood sugar dysregulation with lab testing. We review the differences between conventional vs optimal ranges for each marker.

  • Lesson 6 | Case Study

    We look at a case study and additional resources to support your studies in blood sugar management.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course, itself, contains 4 hours of video teaching. So if you watch it from start to finish, that’s how long it would take to complete, plus 5-10 minutes per module for quizzes. If you really want to dig in and understand the content, I recommend estimating 2 hours of studying for every 1 hour of teaching (12 hours total). If you take full advantage of the bonus content, you could easily add another 5-10 hours (17-22 hours total).

No! Anyone qualifies to take this course.

Of course! The course is designed with the goal of helping you manage your blood sugar so that it can be kept at a safe level. You will learn how to request lab tests from doctors, order food delivery services for healthier living options, and change some aspects about yourself such as diet or exercise habits.

Please be advised that this course is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice.

Yes! When you consider the large number of Americans who are metabolically unhealthy, it’s likely that many people in your practice could be affected. Blood sugar management is absolutely crucial to improving their health outcomes and will equip you with all necessary information for transformation!

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