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How Functional Lab Testing Can Change Your Life With Reed Davis 

Lab testing is a really powerful tool that we can use to help identify hidden roadblocks and healing opportunities. But most standard lab tests are not comprehensive and they won’t necessarily shed light on why you’re struggling. So I wanted to bring on an expert to explain the difference between functional and standard labs and […]

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition with special guest, Reed Davis

Marly and Reed discuss functional labratory testing to determine root causes to illnesses, conditions and symptoms. How we heal through an integrative approach that addresses body, mind and spirit. Reed shares what he does everyday to enhance his life and why breathwork is essential to wellness.

Reed Davis CNT, Hidden Medical Testing Patterns Revealed 

Hello Health Heroes! This episode clears up questions on the proper tests to take when wanting to find out why you don’t feel good. This will give you a baseline and data to make significant decisions that will impact your health. Especially if you are one of the many people where doctors are telling you […]