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FDN Business School

The Knowledge, Skills & Mentorship You Need to Launch & Grow a 6-Figure Online Health Practice




You’re on your way to being an FDN Practitioner

At this point, you KNOW you can help people rock their health goals. But one big question remains…

How do you take your advanced skills & turn them into a 6-figure online business, with a waitlist of eager clients?

Without the right business foundation, you’re probably left wondering…

How to setup your packages & programs

How to choose a profitable niche

How to efficiently onboard new clients

How to learn all the tech

 How to market your business online

How do I create a website?

Science is One Thing, But Business is Another.

You got into this line of work because you want to help people.  But in order to actually connect with & serve those people?

You need to become a successful entrepreneur.

Which means learning how to…

And basically…THINK like a Digital CEO. Which is an entirely different set of skills!

Which is why we created…

FDN Business School

An exclusive 3-month business training program that gives FDNs the foundational tools + education to run a successful online practice that changes lives.

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Inside Business School, you’ll learn how to:

It’s all laid out for you in one comprehensive + actionable program, so you can set yourself up for long-term success and have a profitable online business in 90 days or less.

Your Business Success Roadmap

Module 1

Navigate the Medical Director Program (MDP)

Walk through the exact process for ordering the 5 Foundational Labs that you will repeat with every client. Plus, learn how to order additional labs whenever they’re called for.

Lesson 1: Medical Director Program (MDP) Overview
Lesson 2: Ordering with the MDP: the 5 Foundational Labs
Lesson 3: How to Open a Fluids IQ account
Lesson 4: How to Open a Precision Analytical (DUTCH) Account
Lesson 5: How to Open an Oxford Biomedical (MRT) Account
Lesson 6: How to Order an MT (Metabolic Typing) test
Lesson 7: Resources on the Most Popular Non-Foundational MDP Labs
Lesson 8: Setup a Clinical Advising Session (and leverage the AFDNP Facebook Group)
Lesson 9: Medical Director Program (MDP) FAQs

Module 2

Master Online Business Foundations

Set up the core foundations for starting an online business that you will need to operate day-to-day, including legal precautions and simple business systems.

Lesson 1: Board Options
Lesson 2: Insurance Coverage
Lesson 3: What Kind of Business Entity Should I Have?
Lesson 4: How Do I Legally Protect Myself?
Lesson 5: Ten Steps to Starting a Business
Lesson 6: Bookkeeping for FDNs
Lesson 7: Organization with Google Sheets
Lesson 8: GetHeathie Overview
Lesson 9: GetHealthy.Store Overview
Lesson 10: How to Best Use the AFDNP Facebook Group
Lesson 11: AFDNP Schedule of Events

Bonus Lessons with Reed Davis

  1. How do FDNs Legally Practice FDN?
  2. How do FDNs Legally Work with Supplements?
  3. How do FDNs Legally Work with Labs?

Module 3

Setup & Price Your Packages

It’s time to start learning how to work with real clients! We’ll teach you how to structure your pricing and raise your rates in a way you feel confident about.

Lesson 1: Who Pays for What Labs?
Lesson 2: How to Set Up Your Lab Ordering Schedule
Lesson 3: Structuring Client Sessions
Lesson 4: How Do I Price My Packages?
Lesson 5: How and When To Raise Your Prices
Lesson 6: Your First Five Clients

Bonus Lessons with Reed Davis

  1. Feel Confident Charging Premium Prices
  2. Mindset Around Program & Package Discounts

Module 4

Setup Technology & Deliver Services

Master client management systems and setup automations using the GetHealthie platform. No more fear of tech here!

Lesson 1: Introduction to the GetHealthie Platform
Lesson 2: GetHealthie: Intake Paperwork and FDN Forms
Lesson 3: GetHealthie: Using Zoom and Telehealth Options
Lesson 4: GetHealthie: Billing
Lesson 5: GetHealthie: Email and Chat
Lesson 6: GetHealthie: Calendar Booking and Intake Automation
Lesson 7: GetHealthie: Automation of Intake Forms
Lesson 8: GetHealthie: Uploading FDN Documents

Module 5

Get Your First Clients

You don’t need to beg your neighbor to be your first client! Practice proven strategies to not only get your first client, but to attract your second, third, and beyond.

Lesson 1: Rocking Your Sales Call
Lesson 2: The Done-For-You Content Calendar
Lesson 3: Creating a Facebook Image in Canva
Lesson 4: Creating a Facebook Business Page
Lesson 5: Creating a Facebook Group
Lesson 6: Using Instagram for Business

Bonus Lessons with Reed Davis

  1. How To Onboard a Client
  2. Completing an Onboarding Session

Module 6

Find & Test Your Niche

Not sure how this whole “niching” thing works? Learn how to pick a profitable & aligned wellness niche, and discover how you can leverage it to attract more clients.

Lesson 1: First Help Everyone
Lesson 2: Know your Story and Have a Plan
Lesson 3: Do Your (Market) Research
Lesson 4: Become an Expert in the Labs
Lesson 5: Hitch Your Wagon to Successful Coaches

Module 7

Create a 90-Day Program

Structure your packages & programs to help your clients get the best results possible, while also supporting your own well-being.

Lesson 1: Using Google Sheets to Track Clients
Lesson 2: Ordering the Labs
Lesson 3: Scheduling a Client Appointment

Bonus Lessons with Reed Davis

  1. Having a Terms of Service Agreement
  2. Structuring and Charting Sessions
  3. How do FDNs Get a Referral Based Practice?

Module 8

Implement a 90-Day Business Plan

Let’s get marketing! You’ll create strategic content and processes to neatly funnel your ideal clients to your signature offering.

Lesson 1: Structuring Your Work Day
Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Social Media Schedule
Lesson 3: How to Record Content Videos and Upload to GetHealthie
Lesson 4: Creating Your Content in Canva
Lesson 5: Creating a Welcome Drip Series
Lesson 6: Creating an Email for Potential Clients
Lesson 7: Creating a Landing Page with Embedded Booking Link
Lesson 8: Creating a Podcast
Lesson 9: Creating Your Signature Program

Module 9

Refine & Automate Your Business

Continue to grow with next-level marketing strategies that bring in clients on autopilot & improve your client experience.

Lesson 1: Advanced Courses
Lesson 2: Accessing and Using Current FDN Documents
Lesson 3: Video Series: Introduction
Lesson 4: Video Series: Diet
Lesson 5: Video Series: Rest
Lesson 6: Video Series: Exercise
Lesson 7: Video Series: Stress Management
Lesson 8: Video Series: Supplements
Lesson 9: Filming Your Videos with Loom
Lesson 10: Building a Program in GetHealthie
Lesson 11: Resources for Building a Website
Lesson 12:  Real Plans Prio
Lesson 13: LabSmarts
Lesson 14: Building a Lead Magnet in Canva
Lesson 15: Building a Lead Magnet Landing Page in FloDesk
Lesson 16:
Automating Your Full Package in GetHealthie

Collapse Time

Stop guessing about what works and shortcut the time it takes to start earning money and changing lives.

Build Confidence

Learn proven strategies for long-term success and receive support from top FDN mentors every step of the way.

Fuel Success

Apply your next-level health skills to create a freedom-filled business that supports you *and* your clients.

Are You An FDN Practitioner

Want Clear Steps to Set-Up a Thriving Biz?

Ready to Stop Stressing & Start Earning?


Total Investment:

$ 2,997

$ 1,497

*Save 51% when you bundle Business School with your FDN program purchase.

Common Questions

No, FDN Business School is exclusively for FDN Trainees and Practitioners.

FDN Trainees and Practitioners can sign up for Business School anytime. Trainees will not be granted access to Business School until Module 14 of the FDN Certification Course is complete. 

Yes! Payment plans are included in your tuition.

Business School is designed to be completed in 90 days or less, though a number of graduates have finished much sooner. You will have permanent access to the program, including all future upgrades, and the course must be completed within a 6 month time frame (though extensions are available!) 

No, there are no quizzes or tests. FDN Business School is a practical, hands-on program that encourages you to build your own practice, while moving through the program.

Upon registering for the program, you’ll be invited into our private Facebook group where you can ask questions. We host biweekly LIVE trainings to expand on what’s taught inside the program. Plus, you will also have unlimited email support!

FDN Business School is the only business course created by an FDN specifically for FDNs. We’ve carefully compiled all the common questions FDNs have when starting their online business to save you time & energy. FDN Business School helps you confidently build a profitable wellness practice by teaching you how to structure your business, streamline operations & master online marketing strategies. 

Have another question we didn’t answer here?

Email us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you ASAP.

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