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Do you have clients who are eating a healthy diet, yet are experiencing pain throughout their body? Or, clients who are struggling with Candida yeast overgrowth, despite a grain-free/sugar-free diet and several rounds of anti-fungal herbs? What about clients who are experiencing mineral deficiencies, bone loss, inflamed joints and muscles, frequent urinary tract infections, or kidney stones? These can all be symptoms of excessive amounts of oxalates in the body.

Oxalates are naturally occurring substances found in plants and produced inside the human body. Unfortunately, oxalates are anti-nutrients which interfere with the absorption of minerals and can form sharp, knife-like crystals in the body which get lodged in tissues and organs, causing pain and inflammation. While the body can handle low to moderate amounts of oxalates, problems develop when there are excessively high levels of oxalates, which can occur due to a number of factors.


These advanced courses are open to the public and you do NOT have to be a graduate of the FDN Certification Course in order to take these lessons!

In This Training You Will Learn:

  • What are oxalates
  • Sources of oxalates
  • Normal oxalate metabolism
  • Reasons why oxalate levels become excessively elevated in the body
  • How excess oxalates harm the body
  • Where oxalate crystals can accumulate in the body
  • The connection between oxalates, mineral deficiencies, yeast overgrowth, and heavy metal toxicity
  • Symptoms of excess oxalates
  • How oxalates become a problem
  • Why gut dysfunction causes oxalate issues
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  • Which foods are exceptionally high in oxalates
  • Which vitamin deficiencies cause the body to produce more oxalates
  • When to suspect an excess oxalate problem
  • When to test for excess oxalates
  • How to test oxalate levels
  • Other tests that help identify factors that may contribute to excess oxalates
  • Key elements of an Oxalate Lowering Program
  • How to do a Low Oxalate Diet
  • How to reduce oxalates in food
  • Strategic supplementation to address oxalate-related issues
  • What is “dumping”
  • Supplements that can contribute to oxalate problems
  • Common improvements seen on a Low Oxalate Program
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