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Master Functional Labs & Learn How to Grow a Freedom-Filled Health Coaching Practice.

We offer world-class functional lab training & business support to help you go from struggling health coach to thriving entrepreneur.

Health Coach Training

Feel like something’s missing from your health coaching education? Lacking the confidence to take on clients who are truly sick? Advance your skills and transform your career with our world-class certification program.

FDN Certification Program

Become a certified FDN Practitioner who gets results in just 8-10 months! You’ll receive advanced functional lab training, access to 60+ labs (even as an unlicensed professional), and unparalleled support during & after the program.

Plus, you have the option of adding “FDN Business School”, which provides the practical business & marketing skills necessary to go from struggling health coach to wildly successful entrepreneur.

Graduate Support

Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate. You’ll continue to have fresh questions pop up when you enter the “real world” and are working with clients, trying to grow your health practice. Our experts provide unmatched support every step of the way.


Our professional association, the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Professionals (AFDNP), is an exclusive membership that supports FDN Practitioners with ongoing clinical mentorship and business development. You’ll get access to a community of FDN Clinical Advisors to call on anytime you have a tricky client case as you grow your practice to new heights.

Additional Resources

Not ready to invest in the FDN Certification Program, but still want to learn from FDN? Expand your functional health knowledge and skills with workshops and courses.
Introductory Workshops

Just dipping your toes into what FDN has to offer? Purchase a workshop & learn from one of our leading functional health experts. Workshops are open to anyone, and offer an economical way to get involved with the FDN community.

Health Coach Mastery (HCM)

Take the 75-hour certification course that helps you strengthen your health coaching skills while preparing you to sit for the National Board Certification Exam (NBHWC). This is the only NBHWC-approved program that has all 50 required health and wellness coaching sessions baked directly into the program.

Health Success Workshop

Join Reed Davis for an in-depth workshop and learn actionable steps to become a health detective!

Stress Hormones Workshop

About Stress & Hormones to Jumpstart Your Health Coaching Career

Functional Labs Workshop

Get Behind-the-Scenes Access to FDN’s Proven Approach to Functional Lab Testing.

Business Workshop

Discover What it Takes to Become a 6-Figure Health Coach

Free Masterclass

Unlock The Secrets to Becoming a Successful Health Coach

(that nobody else is talking about)

There’s a reason some health coaches struggle and others succeed. Discover five lesser-known secrets to building a successful online practice you love. Plus, actionable steps you can take today.

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It’s normal to have lots of questions. That’s why we have FDN Program Advisors who are dedicated to helping you understand your options, whether that’s getting certified as an FDN, purchasing one of our workshops or courses, or enrolling in another program completely. We are here to provide you with honest answers & genuine support.

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