5 Things An Aspiring Health Coach Should Know Are you thinking about starting a career in Health Coaching, but are not sure where to begin? With Health Coaches being in demand among consumers, businesses, schools and other institutions, the opportunities are endless! Here are 5 things every aspiring Health Coach should know before entering into the best career ever. 1. Health Coaching will change your life in profound ways. Health Coaching will give you the
4 Tips On How to Transition To A Health Coaching Career Are you trying to figure out ways to get your Health Coaching business up and running while still working your day job? Here are 4 helpful tips on how to transition into your Health Coaching business while still working your day job. 1. Make time for your Health Coaching business. You may have to get up an hour early, or sacrifice a lunch break
Three Types of Health Coaches The term Health Coach has a very broad meaning. Here are three of the most popular types of Health Coaching practices. 1. Health Coach – A Health Coach advises and guides clients to achieve health goals through sustainable lifestyle change. The relationship between a Health Coach and their client is more of a partnership. They assist their clients in setting goals and implementing strategies to help them move towards a
Three Proven Health Coach Online Marketing Strategies The best way to attract and win new Health Coach clients is to market where they spend much of their time, and that is online. Online marketing is key when starting your Health Coach business. Here are 3 proven Health Coach online marketing strategies: 1. Post and advertise on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. With more than three billion people around the world using
How to Become an Online Health Coach Are you thinking about becoming an online Health Coach? Today Health Coaches are building their careers from all around the world. They are helping clients online and in person, from their homes and even in their favorite coffee shops. Virtual Health Coaches help in improving their clients’ overall health and well-being by developing individualized health plans and wellness goals as well as implementing the healthcare directives provided by
Why People Need A Health Coach More Today Than Ever With the alarming shortage of physicians, matched only by their lack of time and training for helping patients make lasting changes with diet, physical activity, sleep, and stress management, all being crucial for addressing chronic disease; today we need Health Coaches more than ever! There is a demand for a new model of health care better equipped to support patients in changing their behavior; and