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Contrasting the tools of the trade in the wellness and illness spaces, FDN® Practitioners follow well-established principles in uncovering healing opportunities for their Health Coaching clients. Those clients, at the same time, are often under the care of medical doctors for specific conditions and have often received very particular diagnoses and been offered prescription medications to help manage those conditions.  While the diet, lifestyle and supplements suggested by a health coach are generally safe and
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FDN Practitioners (FDNs) use data mined from lab reports for several reasons. High-quality, carefully chosen functional lab work and health-screenings provide information about our clients that is otherwise unattainable. This info, along with other intelligence gathered through conscientious history taking and motivational interviewing provides the most comprehensive intake possible. Knowing we are using the most thorough and comprehensive strategy found anywhere in the health space gives FDNs the confidence needed to promote ourselves and operate
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The 2002 World Health Report anticipated that by the year 2020 chronic non-communicable disease would attribute to 73% of all deaths and 60% of the global disease burden. In the report, The World Health Organization (WHO) stated the need for the “development of an integrated approach that will target all major common risk factors of cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes mellitus (DM), cancer and chronic respiratory diseases in the most cost-effective way to prevent and control
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20 years ago, most people had likely never heard of health coaches. But now in the US, the health coaching industry has grown into a $7 billion dollar industry. And health coaching is expected to continue to grow. Those who pursue training in health coaching have a desire and passion to help others stop struggling with health issues and feel good again. And health coaches play a vital role in providing support and accountability for
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There has never been a greater need for health coaches than there is now. And that need will continue to climb over the coming years and decades. With the spread of COVID-19, we’ve faced unprecedented challenges. And our way of living has changed in ways that are unsettling for most. The uncertainty and fear of living in a pandemic brought with it a level of chronic stress that few of us have experienced in our
   In Episode 15 I have my first guest, Reed Davis, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) founder. We sit down to talk about functional labs, health entrepreneurs, the difference between health coaching and becoming an FDN practitioner and so much more !