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Top 5 Functional Health Tests

Top 5 Functional Health Tests Everyone Can Benefit From. Whether it’s for yourself or your clients, getting to the bottom of unwanted health symptoms can be exhausting! Maybe you’ve tried: And still…the symptoms persist. Or, maybe you found some temporary relief — HALLELUJAH, Thank You God + Universe Buttttt…then the …

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Health Coaching Careers Roundup (2022)

Health Coaching Careers Roundup 2022. Health coaching careers – it’s one of our favorite topics! Whether you’re just exploring health coaching for the first time, or you’ve already graduated from a health coaching program, we’re glad you’re here.  Becoming a health coach is an incredibly rewarding career, but it can …

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Health Coach Pricing + Growing Your Wellness Practice

Health Coach Pricing & Growing Your Wellness Practice. Ahhh…health coach pricing – it’s an important topic, and one we’re excited to jump into today.  If you’ve landed here, chances are we owe you a congratulations!  Whether you’ve just decided to pursue a new career, or you’ve already completed a health …

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Best Health Coaching Certification – Gold Standard (2022)

Best Health Coaching Certification: The “Gold Standard” + A Very Attractive Alternative (2022) So…you’re shopping around for a health coaching certification program?  Yessss – we get so excited when people decide to become health coaches! And we know your head is probably FULL of questions, right?!  Questions like: How much …

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Health Coach Certification + How Long it Takes

Why Now is The Best Time to Pursue Health Coach Certification. Plus, How Long it Takes. There has never been a better time to pursue health coach certification! There are soooo many reasons for this, but the primary reasons (in our opinion) include: The mainstream healthcare system is failing Chronic …

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how much can a health coach make

Health Coach Salaries + How to Make More.

The Health Coaching industry is booming, and that means health coach salaries are too! According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 60% of adults in the United States have a chronic health condition1, and that number continues to rise.  So, how does this affect Health Coaches?  Health Coaches are …

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how to become a certified health coach

How to Become a Certified Health Coach

Helping people overcome chronic health conditions & build lasting health makes for a deeply rewarding career! And if you’ve landed on this page today, chances are you’re considering this path for yourself, which is really exciting! This career path isn’t for everyone, but chances are you’ve chosen to explore it …

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What is a health coach

What is a Health Coach and is it The Right Career Choice for You?

Chances are you already know this if you’ve landed on this page, but people are sick!  And they’re getting sicker, year-after-year.  As someone who is passionate about health & wellness, you’re probably aware that chronic health conditions such as type two diabetes, autoimmune conditions & cardiovascular disease are the leading …

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A comparison of top online health coaching programs (plus 3 important questions to ask yourself before deciding).

How to Choose The Best Health Coaching Certification Program

Have you noticed that we’re becoming increasingly health-conscious, collectively?

Healthy foods, products, and habits are all on the rise, compared to years past. [1] 👏

Which means greater demand for health coaches as people begin prioritizing their health. In fact the global field of health coaching has grown to be worth over 7 billion in recent years, and it shows no sign of slowing down!

There really couldn’t be a better time to start a career as a health coach. Especially as people move away from conventional medicine & embrace cash-pay models in record numbers, making it easier to grow your own online health coaching business.

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