Three Skills Great Health Coaches Possess Regardless of whether they are part-time or full-time or working in a healthcare environment or gym, there a three skills great Health Coaches have mastered to make positive impacts in the lives of others. Here are three skills great Health Coaches possess. 1. Active listening You cannot help people unless you are able to tune in and listen first. This is how you develop trust, refine your intuition and empathy, and
Why People Need A Health Coach? As more people are focusing on their health and well-being, the field of health coaching has become one of the fastest growing professions in the last ten years. Why health coaching? As a health coach you help make positive and lasting changes to your clients’ health by guiding them through: developing and maintaining a healthy mindset and habits, stress management, self-care, balancing wellness with their busy schedules, and much
Do Health Coaches Need Insurance? Health coaching is approved by the World Health Organization, the UK National Health Service, the Centers for Disease Control, and the United States Preventative Services Task Force; however, it is still a relatively new field with separate federal, state and local regulations. Thus, it is important to research how each tier of these laws impacts your coaching practice. Do health coaches need insurance? The answer is yes and here are
Do Health Coaches Need A Business License? When it comes to operating your own health coaching business, you want to do everything by the book legally. So…if you are opening a health coaching business, it is important to find out what kind of business license you may need to run your practice. How do you know if you have everything covered? Here are three helpful tips to find out what kind of business license you
How Can You Become A Health Coach? What is a Health Coach? A Health Coach works with clients to educate, motivate, and support them in achieving their health goals through diet, lifestyle, and behavior adjustments.  But a Health Coach’s job doesn’t stop there! Beyond the valuable education and guidance they provide, a Health Coach keeps their clients accountable each week.  Do you want to know how to become a Health Coach? Here are a few
Are you meant to be a health coach? If your desire is to help others live their most healthy lives, then you possess qualities that are perfect for being a health coach. Here are some signs that you are destine to be a great health coach. 1. You value health in its entirety. A health coach realizes that each aspect of health is important to achieving an optimal and lasting behavior change. 2. You are