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How to Choose The Best Health Coaching Certification Program

Have you noticed that we’re becoming increasingly health-conscious, collectively? Healthy foods, products, and habits are all on the rise, compared to years past. [1] 👏 Which means greater demand for health coaches as people begin prioritizing their health. In fact the global field of health coaching has grown to be worth over 7 billion in recent years, and it shows no sign of slowing down! There really couldn’t be a better time to start a career as a health coach. ...
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Marketing for Health Coaches | How to Grow Your Practice Online

Marketing for Health Coaches: How to Grow Your Online Business After Graduating You did it!  You’ve completed your training, mastered the science, and are officially certified as a professional health coach. Now, you’re ready to enter the real world and start your online health coaching business.  Hooray! The only question is… where do you start? Suddenly, you feel like you’ve been dropped off in the middle of nowhere, without a roadmap, and have no clue where to turn next.  You ...
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Best Holistic Health Coach Certification

What Makes the Best Holistic Health Coach Certification? The top 3 reasons holistic health coaches joined FDN, even after graduating from other certification programs. Welcome holistic health warrior! If you’ve landed on this page, you probably fall into one of two categories:  The good news is that whichever category you fall into, you’re in just the right spot.   Here at Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), we’ve trained over 4,000 health coaches & practitioners, who are now able to make an incredible ...
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How to Become a Functional Health Coach that Can Guarantee Results for Your Clients

How Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Trains You to Become a Successful Functional Health Coach So, you’re interested in becoming a functional health coach. But, now what? A great first step is to find a health coaching program that feels right for you! If you’re anything like us over here at Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), you love to do your research before you make an investment.   And this is a *highly* important step.  There are A LOT of health coaching programs ...
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Best Health Coaching Certification – Gold Standard (2023)

Best Health Coaching Certification: The “Gold Standard” + A Very Attractive Alternative (2023) So…you’re shopping around for a health coaching certification program?  Yessss – we get so excited when people decide to become health coaches! And we know your head is probably FULL of questions, right?!  Questions like: There are lots of factors at play when trying to answer the questions above, but one of the biggest is the education & training you choose.  Why?  Because your education & training ...
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Health Coaching Business Tips – Moving Beyond Becoming Accredited

Is Becoming Accredited the Key to a Successful Health Coaching Business? If you’re thinking about becoming a Health Coach, chances are you’ve been told you need to get accredited, right?  And that’s not bad advice! In a booming industry valued at around $7 billion, and increasing numbers of people being drawn to health coaching careers, it’s becoming pretty darn important to stand out among the crowd. [1] However, while becoming accredited may be a good first step, it isn’t the ...
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Pick a Wellness Niche

Niching Down – Pick a Wellness Niche for Your Health Coaching Practice

Niching Down in Wellness: Pick a Wellness Niche to Level-Up Your Business. Whether you already have a health coaching business, or you’re just now considering a career change in this industry, picking a wellness niche is your ticket to greater impact & greater success.  So, what the heck is a “wellness niche” anyway?  A wellness niche is an area-of-focus you choose for your business that helps differentiate you from the sea of other online health coaches & functional practitioners.  It’s ...
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functional health tests

Top 5 Functional Health Tests for Health Coaches & Practitioners

Top 5 Functional Health Tests Everyone Can Benefit From. Whether it’s for yourself or your clients, getting to the bottom of unwanted health symptoms can be exhausting! Maybe you’ve tried: And still…the symptoms persist. Or, maybe you found some temporary relief — HALLELUJAH, Thank You God + Universe Buttttt…then the symptoms came back (siiigghhh).  Here at Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), we know this cycle all too well, and we also know how to help you leave it behind, so you ...
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health coaching careers

Health Coaching Careers Roundup (2023)

Health Coaching Careers Roundup 2022. Health coaching careers – it’s one of our favorite topics! Whether you’re just exploring health coaching for the first time, or you’ve already graduated from a health coaching program, we’re glad you’re here.  Becoming a health coach is an incredibly rewarding career, but it can also come with lots of questions.  “Can I make this into a full-time career?”  “Where would I be able to work?”  “What kind of clients would I have?” “What would ...
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