The Ultimate Guide to Stress and Hormones

This Ultimate Guide to Stress and Hormones is the most cutting edge and comprehensive course on HPA Axis Function and Hormone Metabolites ever created!

Many practitioners today realize that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to successfully help a client with chronic health issues without addressing stress-related dysfunction. The HPA Axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) controls the production of hormones that affect all the major systems of the body (including the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, nervous, and immune systems). For this reason, assessing HPA Axis function with functional lab testing and correcting imbalances can be essential when working with clients to restore their health. There are numerous possibilities why adrenal hormones (cortisol and DHEA) may be low or high. Knowing why the body is adapting to stress in a particular way and which dietary and lifestyle interventions and nutritional supplements can be used to improve each scenario, is knowledge that provides you, as the practitioner, with insight that increases your ability to assist your clients in reaching their health goals.

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These advanced courses are open to the public and you do NOT have to be a graduate of the FDN Certification Course in order to take these lessons!


Stress and Hormones Module

The Stress and Hormones module gives you the edge with your clients by providing you with the latest information on how to evaluate HPA Axis function and reproductive hormone metabolite levels, including why it’s so important to test the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) when using salivary tests and how to interpret all the adrenal and hormone biomarkers found on the popular DUTCH Complete urinary test from Precision Analytical.

Many clients are suffering from hormone imbalance, affecting their day-to-day quality of life. When we look at urinary hormone metabolites for estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, not only can we see if hormone production is too low or too high, but, more importantly, we can tell how these hormones are being processed by the body. It can be incredibly useful to gain insight into whether the body is metabolizing hormones in a protective or a harmful way.


In This Training You Will Learn:

  • How the Endocrine System responds to stress
  • The importance of the HPA Axis
  • Possible causes of HPA Axis Dysfunction
  • Why the term “adrenal fatigue” is an oversimplified way to describe HPA Axis Dysfunction
  • How to test for HPA Axis Dysfunction
  • Why it’s critical for salivary testing to include CAR (Cortisol Awakening Response)
  • General Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations for HPA Axis Dysfunction
  • Assessing HPA Axis Function with the DUTCH Test and other tests with cortisol markers
  • How to read the DUTCH Test HPA Axis Function reports
  • The 4 Cortisol Patterns – Test interpretation & protocols
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  • Disrupted Diurnal Rhythm – Test interpretation & protocols
  • Cortisone Rhythm – What it means in relation to cortisol rhythm
  • 11ß-HSD Index (Cortisol/Cortisone Preference) – Test interpretation & protocols
  • DHEA – Test interpretation & protocols for low and high DHEA
  • 5∂-Reductase Activity – Test interpretation & protocols for high enzyme activity
  • Melatonin – Test interpretation & protocols for low and high melatonin
  • Why it’s helpful to evaluate hormone metabolites in the urine
  • Estrogen – Test interpretation & protocols for low and high estrogen
  • Estrogen Metabolism – Test interpretation & protocols for poor Phase I and Phase II detoxification
  • Progesterone – Test interpretation & protocols for low and high progesterone
  • Testosterone – Test interpretation & protocols for low and high testosterone
  • The DUTCH Extra OAT Markers
  • The DUTCH Extra Neurotransmitter Markers
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