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Scientific Literacy

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Just a few things you’ll learn in this Advanced Scientific Literacy Course

What's Included....

On demand videos

2 1⁄2 hours on-demand video

Mitochondria quiz

Quiz at the end of each lesson

Mitochondria reference guide

Links to external resources

dress protocol

12 downloadable resources

Bonus mitochondria handouts

Suggested Research Project

CEU points for mitochondria course


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This course is open to the public and you do NOT have to be a graduate of the FDN Program in order to learn more about Scientific Literacy.


Explore the course!

  • Lesson 1 | Scientific Literacy Foundations

    Define the parts of any good science experiment.

  • Lesson 2 | Dive Deeper

    Deep dive into analyzing scientific studies. Learn to have a critical eye when reviewing scientific studies and their claims. Identify flaws in the setup and the claims.

  • Lesson 3 | Bad Science

    Correlation cannot equal causation. Review the rampant examples of this bad science, including why it’s not okay, and how to identify it.

  • Lesson 4 | Statistics

    Identify statistics, why they’re important, and why you have to be certain (before a claim is considered causation, or even a correlation considered to be meaningful) the statistics are significant.

  • Lesson 5 | Culmination

    Apply the newfound knowledge to reading a scientific study and decide which claims and products you endorse.

  • Lesson 6 | Demonstration

    Learn how to read a scientific journal. Extra practice and stat problem handouts available for download.

  • Lesson 7 | Research Topics

    Review examples of research topics. Three example topics available for download.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course contains 2 hours of video teaching. So if you watch it from start to finish, that’s how long it would take to complete, plus 5-10 minutes per module for quizzes. If you really want to dig in and understand the content, we recommend applying the old college rule: 2 hours of studying for every 1 hour of teaching (6 hours total).

No! Anyone qualifies to take this course.

Absolutely! Even though this course doesn’t contain health-based protocols, it provides the education needed to understand the science published on every matter, including health issues. It will provide you with skills that will empower you to be better able to make accurate, scientifically-informed decisions related to health products and health remedies as opposed to having to rely on the advice and interpretatio

Yes! This course will make you a more well-informed assessor of health claims, which vastly increases your credibility with your clients as well as improves the suggestions you use in your protocol with your clients. By knowing how to choose health modalities that actually work, your clients have more success with your protocols. This course should be required for all health coaches and consultants.

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