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Organic Acid Testing

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Just a few things you’ll learn in this Advanced Organic Acid Testing Course

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Mitochondria reference guide

Final exam at the end of the course

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This course is open to the public and you do NOT have to be a graduate of the FDN Program in order to learn more about Organic Acid Testing.


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  • Lesson 1 | Organic Acids Test Introduction

    Learn the foundation of Organics Acids Test, including the test history, basics, review, and reference ranges.

  • Lesson 2 | Dive Deeper

    Dive into yeast and fungal markers on the OAT. Learn to evaluate creatinine levels for concentration of metabolites. Identify each marker related to yeast and fungus. Receive tips on fungal metabolite interpretation and supplement recommendations.

  • Lesson 3 | OAT Bacterial Markers

    Identify OAT bacterial markers. Learn about endotoxemia symptoms and treatment strategies.

  • Lesson 4 | Clostridia Bacterial Markers

    Identify clostridia bacterial markers and review several examples.

  • Lesson 5 | Oxalates

    Dig into oxalates. Learn what they are, symptoms of excess oxalates, sources of oxalates. Identify the ways in which oxalates cause metabolic dysfunction, OAT oxalate markers, and treatment strategies.

  • Lesson 6 | Glycolysis

    Understand glycolysis, including the glycolytic cycle metabolites. Review examples of the markers on an OAT test.

  • Lesson 7 | Mitochondrial Function Function and the Citric Acid Cycle Metabolites

    Focus on mitochondrial function and citric acid cycle metabolites. Learn about Krebs Cycle metabolites, amino acid metabolites, and support considerations for each.

  • Lesson 8 | Mental Health Connection

    Dive into the mental health and neurotransmitter metabolites connection. Includes case study review of an 86 year old female with Parkinson’s disease.

  • Lesson 9 | Pyrimidine Metabolites

    Learn about purines, uric acid, and a pyrimidine OAT analysis.

  • Lesson 10 | Ketones & Fatty Acid Oxidation

    Dig into ketones and fatty acid oxidation. Learn about the metabolic functions of fatty acids, metabolism pathways, ketone formation, omega oxidation, and carnitine shuttle. Includes case study review of a 1 year old with autism.

  • Lesson 11 | OAT Nutritional Markers

    Learn the foundations of the OAT nutritional markers: methylmalonic acid, pyridoxic acid, glutaric acid, ascorbic acid, 3-hyroxy-3-methyglutaric acid, N-acetylcysteine, and methylcitric acid. For each marker you’ll identify deficiency symptoms, food sources, low values, and high values.

  • Lesson 12 | Detoxification Markers

    Identify the detoxification markers, including possible causes of both elevations & low levels. Learn about the markers to cross-reference with. Includes case study review of a 2 year old boy.

  • Lesson 13 | OAT Amino Acid Metabolites

    Dig into OAT amino acid metabolites and phosphoric acid. Learn the functions, deficiency symptoms, food sources, and causes for high & low values.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course contains 16 hours of video teaching. So if you watch it from start to finish, that’s how long it would take to complete, plus 5-10 minutes per module for quizzes. If you really want to dig in and understand the content, we recommend applying the old college rule: 2 hours of studying for every 1 hour of teaching (48 hours total).

No. Anyone qualifies to take this course.

Absolutely! You can identify sources of your health struggles with an OAT test and this course! With a comprehensive analysis covering everything from neurotransmitters, bacterial & fungal overgrowth to nutritional deficiencies, you’ll be presented with unique healing opportunities that could change your life.

Yes!! Uncover the healing potential within your clients! This Organic Acids course will give you the skills to interpret OAT tests and help bring about positive change for those you serve.

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