Reed In The Media


Reed appears regularly on popular radio shows, podcasts and interviews, having appeared on over 100 programs. These include Underground Wellness’ Blog-talk Radio, Hay House, KCBQ’s Total Health Line-up, Rebel Health, Bulletproof, HMBA and many online “summits” and teleconferences. He has also participated as a public speaker and guest lecturer in numerous conferences and events such as PaleoFx, PaleoCon, CanFitPro, National Association of Nutrition Professionals, CHEK Institute, Quantum University’s World Summit on Integrative Medicine, Association of Natural Health. BulletProof and others.

Check out the featured Interview library below to hear Reed speak on various topics with industry leaders!


Interested in Having Reed Appear on Your Podcast?

Reed is an expert in functional lab testing, data-guided health building protocols and holistic lifestyle approaches.  Reed is widely known as one of the most successful and experienced functional lab educators in the world today, having provided functional assessments to over 10,000 clients as a clinical nutrition therapist and teaching over 3,000 health coaches and allied health professionals about hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, nervous system issues and building a successful health coaching business.

Some of Reed’s expert speaking topics include:

  • GI pathogens – what makes someone a good host for them and how to treat them naturally
  • Woman’s health and hormones
  • The importance of food sensitivity testing to uncover hidden healing opportunities
  • Facts and myths about adrenal fatigue
  • The real root causes of thyroid imbalances
  • How to Run a Successful Online Coaching Business
  • And many related health problems that can be solved using functional and holistic approaches
  • We could also tailor a topic just for your audience!

If you are interested in booking Reed on a Podcast with you, simply email [email protected] to place your request.