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Having questions is normal, and we’re here to help you get the information you need. Below is a list of the most common questions we get from potential students. We also encourage everyone to watch the FDN Course Tour, which gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at our student portal.

Common Questions
Functional Testing & Certification.

FAQs: Functional Testing & Program

A health detective! In short, an FDN Practitioner is someone who has completed the FDN Course. But on a deeper level, FDN Practitioners are health detectivestrained in investigating underlying causes & conditions, and using evidence-based protocols to restore vitality. FDN Practitioners understand how to select the right functional tests, and exactly what clues to look for when analyzing the results.

FDN Practitioners do not diagnose or treat disease (an area well-attended by licensed physicians). Instead, the FDN methodology teaches you to identify healing opportunities & eliminate contributors to Metabolic Chaos™, which positions you to support just about anyone in building better health!

The most common path forward is to launch or grow a robust private practice, getting paid to do what you love most. However, FDN graduates go on to pursue many different paths in life. Paths you might consider include: 

  • Launching a new health coaching business or private wellness practice 
  • Starting a functional health podcast or YouTube channel
  • Offering wellness consulting to other practitioners or businesses 
  • Sharing your healing journey via a memoir or book 
  • Hosting healing retreats and/or speaking at wellness events

As a graduate of the FDN Course, you are able to use the title “Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner” or “FDN-P”. Some graduates also use the title “Health Coach” but that’s totally up to you & how you want to position yourself in the market!

It’s simple…our methodology teaches you how to get better results. 

That leads to better health for you & your family, endless client referrals & a thriving wellness practice. You also become part of a worldwide community of like-minded practitioners, and have the opportunity to join our graduate program for ongoing support. 

FDN is trusted & well-recognized throughout the world. We have the longest history of training health coaches & professionals in the industry. With FDN, you get exclusive access to order functional tests for you & your clients through our Medical Director Program.

Nope! Our Founder, Reed Davis, is committed to making this knowledge accessible to as many people as possible. All courses are open to anyone looking to expand upon their current knowledge & expertise, whether that’s for personal health or career-advancement. 

Yes, you are! As an FDN Practitioner, you have exclusive access to order 60+ functional labs through our Medical Director Program (MDP). MDP is a full-service lab-testing and clinical support program created to provide unlicensed FDN Practitioners access to lab testing/screenings for themselves and their clients.

After you complete module 1, we’ll ship you (4) functional tests. You will also receive a “Metabolic Typing Assessment”, which is completed online halfway through the program. 

Functional tests sent via mail

  1. Salivary Stress & Hormones Panel (checks cortisol, sex hormones, melatonin)
  2. Metabolic Wellness Urine Profile (assesses digestion, oxidative stress, detoxification)
  3. Dry Blood Mucosal Barrier Assessment (assesses gut function)
  4. Pathogen Stool Screening (screens for gut pathogens)

Honestly, all of them! The FDN methodology teaches you to identify & correct the underlying causes and conditions that lead to people’s health complaints. This method is not only safe and effective, but often outperforms conventional treatment, ending the Cycle of Trial and Error™ that many clients (and health professionals) are stuck in. 

By combining highly-strategic functional tests with extremely thorough client intake processes, you’re able to create protocols that support every cell, tissue, organ and system in the body.

Absolutely! The FDN Program Course is an accredited program and graduates are eligible to sit for several board exams, including: 

  • American Natural Wellness Coaches Board (ANWCB)
  • American Association of Natural Wellness Coaches 
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) 

Additionally, FDN Practitioners can become licensed through the Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association (GEMA). If you have a previous degree in Naturopathy, you are also eligible to sit for the ANWPB board exam.

You can enroll & start learning today! The course operates on an open enrollment basis, which means you get access as soon as you register. The modules are self-paced and “drip” out to your account as you move forward with the course content. You can access the student portal 24/7.

You have a full year, but many students complete the course in just 6 months! On average, students complete the course in 6-8 months, but we like to allow extra room for those with busier schedules. We’re here to help you succeed!

Yes they are!  We’ve worked hard with our lab partners to make testing available worldwide. 

Please note, if you are located in Australia or New Zealand we have partnerships with labs in both the US & AUS, and can help facilitate. 

For specific questions you can email us at [email protected]

The training modules themselves are all pre-recorded, and available 24/7. However, you also get two 1:1 sessions to review your functional test results, and nine 1:1 sessions with a program mentor to provide you with real world practice. 

Plus, you have the option of joining live group support sessions in our private Facebook group each week!

Definitely not! We teach you what we prefer and have found to work best, however you’re free to shop around and make your own decisions. 

Definitely not! Our course does not teach you to practice medicine. As an FDN Practitioner, you are positioned to educate clients on how to improve their health, period. You don’t diagnose or treat disease. The health building model we teach is completely different from the disease care model. We teach you how to provide FDN services the correct way, and give you the intake forms you need to practice it safely.

We are dedicated to offering the most advanced diagnostic training on the market. 
The reality is that anyone can run labs, but knowing which labs to run & how to interpret the results requires high-quality training. 

FDN Founder, Reed Davis provides you with the exact tools & protocols he uses, which are based on his life’s work. These methods and materials are not available anywhere else. As a graduate, you receive ongoing access to course materials, including course updates as science advances!

Unlike other courses, we include the cost of functional tests in your tuition so you can learn by testing yourself first. In addition, we offer unparalleled 1:1 mentorship, and the option to join our graduate program for ongoing business development support.

Yes, definitely! We have successful FDN Practitioners in England, Scotland, Canada, Australia and several other countries. In fact, we have practitioners living & practicing in over 50 countries as of 2022. 

Yes, we provide recommendations for liability insurance that is available worldwide.

Absolutely! Many of the people who take the FDN course already have established wellness practices. The FDN  Course teaches you everything you need to know, and you’ll have exclusive access to order tests for your clients upon graduation.

Many FDN Practitioners earn the equivalent of $200+/hour by selling high-ticket transformational wellness programs, and we go over how to structure your packages in the FDN Course. You also have the option to join our graduate program for additional business development support!

Absolutely! Students often tell us that they are amazed by their own personal health strides during the course. This is because we include the cost of functional test kits in your tuition and provide 1:1 sessions to review your results. This allows you to truly “walk the talk”.

Yes. The FDN Course is approved for PDC’s / CECs from the following organizations: 

  • NANP
  • The Chek Institute

If you have an accrediting or governing body for which you’d like the FDN Course to be approved, simply send us the application form. Many organizations will also consider our course for approval upon petition, and we can help supply you with the necessary information.

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