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Without The Right Tools, Building a Holistic Health Practice Can Be Exhausting

Whether you’re freshly certified, or you’ve been trying to get your health coaching practice off the ground for years, chances are you’ve run into some road blocks. You chose to become a health coach because you want to help people, but when push comes to shove, you still have a million questions about how to do that.

Which leaves you feeling…


by complex client cases with nowhere to turn for answers


whether you’ll ever be able to leave behind your “normal job”


by the success of other health coaches who seem to be crushing it


you chose the wrong path and are just wasting time & energy


about how to market your business & find clients online


the right tools to pinpoint
healing opportunities

Let us ask you this…

What Would it Feel Like To Be Known as The Practitioner Who Gets Real Results?

…a steady stream of clients reaching out

…glowing testimonials & client reviews

…a thriving sought-after business

But, we know what you’re thinking…

But, we know what you’re thinking…

Well, what if we could guarantee that with some focused work…

Your Freedom-Filled Health Coaching Practice IS
Within Reach

The only thing missing?

Your Complete Solution

Here at FDN, our program is uniquely designed to fill in the gaps in your health coaching education by not only equipping you with the skills to holistically interpret functional labs, but also the ability to access those labs without a license through our Medical Director Program (MDP). 

What’s equally important? We provide you with essential business & marketing skills that are lacking in today’s leading health coach certifications. Following graduation, our students have the opportunity to attend clinical consults with industry-leading experts to get support on complex client cases, as well as an active community of 6-figure entrepreneurs who are getting paid to transform lives.

Functional Lab Training

General holistic health recommendations simply aren’t enough to produce transformational results. You need a proven system to repeat with every client that takes the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to create highly-customized protocols that get long-lasting results.

Online Business Mastery

Mastering the science is one thing, but growing an online health practice is an entirely different hurdle. You deserve a freedom-filled lifestyle of health & wealth, which is why we take the time to teach our students how to grow a thriving 6-figure health coaching practice. From legal protection to online marketing & tech, we break things down into clear actionable steps.

Mentorship & Community

Have a tough client case, or a question about your business? As an FDN graduate, you get access to a like-minded community of elite entrepreneurs, along with industry-leading functional health experts who can be easily booked for practical clinical support. You’ll never feel alone in your practice again, giving you unwavering confidence to take on complex client cases.

This is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN)

World-Class Functional Lab Training

Learn how to confidently interpret functional labs and create personalized protocols that reverse chronic health conditions & restore vitality.

Improve Your Own Health First

“Walk the talk” by testing yourself first + get expert guidance based on your unique lab results. Program tuition covers 4 functional lab tests & 1 Metabolic Typing® Assessment valued at $1,400+.

Online Business Mastery

Master the business & marketing skills necessary to grow a thriving health coaching practice, so you can live with more freedom.

Access to Labs

Completely transform your health coaching practice with exclusive access to 60+ functional labs through our Medical Director Program when you graduate.

1:1 Mentorship & Ongoing Clinical Support

Receive 9 individual sessions throughout the program. Plus, access to clinical advisors after graduation to tackle complex cases as your practice grows.

Supportive Community of 4,000+ Health Detectives

Surround yourself with a powerful global network of elite 6-figure health coaches & practitioners across 50+ countries who are changing lives daily.

“Now I have an online health business making over $250k per year.”

Diane K

FDN Practitioner




A Global Community of Health Detectives

After spending 10+ years in the clinic running thousands of functional labs, making observations, and studying patterns–-FDN Founder, Reed Davis, developed a proven methodology to achieve better health results.

Today, more than 4,000 FDN Practitioners all over the world use this framework to transform people’s lives, turn their passion into a thriving career, and support the freedom-filled lifestyle they once dreamed of.

Our team of passionate health & business experts are committed to making FDN the final stop on your journey to becoming a confident, results-driven health coach.

Ways to work with FDN

FDN Program

Complete our signature program to become an FDN Practitioner in just 8-10 months. You’ll receive in-depth functional lab training and high-touch mentorship unlike any other program on the market, so you feel well prepared to help clients improve their health, no matter what they’re struggling with.

Business & Graduate Support

Purchase an individual course to deepen your knowledge in a specific area. Choose this option if you’re looking to stay focused on one area of functional health at a time. Great for those who have already been certified, or who are looking to get better results with their existing clients. These courses are open to anyone!

Our Graduates Become Industry Leaders

How do I know FDN will work for me?​

The key to becoming a successful health coach is the ability to get consistent results for your clients and master the business skills to grow your online practice. 

FDN is uniquely positioned to provide both.

For students who invest in both the FDN Program and FDN Business School, we offer an incredible guarantee → if you don’t make back your investment after just 3 months of graduating from FDN Business School, you become eligible to receive 6 months of business coaching from a health business expert.

Why choose FDN over other health coaching certifications?

It’s simple… we teach you how to get real results for your clients & grow a thriving, referral-based practice. FDN is trusted & well-recognized throughout the world. In fact, we have the longest history of training health coaches & professionals in the industry. 

Our FDN program is uniquely positioned to fill in the gaps in your existing education, giving you the tools you need to succeed. 

As an FDN, you become part of a worldwide community of like-minded FDN Practitioners (FDNPs), and have the opportunity to join our graduate program for unparalleled clinical + business support as you grow. 

Another incredible aspect of our program is that we include 4 functional tests to run on yourself + a Metabolic Typing® Assessment, which means you’ll graduate with firsthand experience to share with your clients. 

If that’s not enough, graduates get exclusive access to functional tests for clients through our Medical Director Program (MDP), giving you the ability to run a completely independent health coaching practice.

There’s a lot more to say on this topic, so be sure to get all the details here. 


What are the requirements to enroll?

There are no prerequisites! Students enter our program with & without previous health coaching certifications, and both are perfect starting points! Our program teaches you brand new skills & methodologies based on over a decade of clinical experience that you simply can’t learn anywhere else. 

Curious About What’s Possible For You?

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Access to labs for your clients through our Medical Director Program.

0 k +

Join 4K+ Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Practitioners across the world.

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Earn $200+ / hour selling highly transformative packages to your clients.

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Complete the FDN Certification Program in just 8-10 months.

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Connect with FDN practitioners in 50+ countries across the world.

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Access to labs for your clients through our Medical Director Program.

0 k+

Join 4K+ Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Practitioners across the world.

0 +

Connect with FDN practitioners in 50+ countries across the world.

0 +

Earn $200+ / hour selling highly transformative packages to your clients.

0 +

Complete the FDN Program in just 8-10 months.

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