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Recognized and Accredited by Many Industry-leading Health and Wellness Bodies

Accredited By Gold Standard Organizations In Health Coaching

The Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program is accredited by every gold standard organization in the health coaching space. Choose FDN with confidence. We are recognized by the  NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals), the NTA (Nutritional Therapy Association), the Chek Institute, and the AADP (American Association of Natural Drugless Practitioners).
After graduating with your FDN certification, you’ll have the option to pursue board certification with the AADP, and the AANWC or AANWP. In addition, you can pursue FDN Health Coach Mastery which will allow you to qualify for the NBH-WC accreditation. 
If all of those acronyms sound intimidating, don’t worry. You’ll learn more about them as you progress through the FDN certification course. With the help of our expertly trained staff and mentors, you’ll decide which- if any- board certification is right for you. 
If you’re already part of the NANP, NTA, or Check Institute, NBC-HWC the FDN certification with program course counts toward your CEU units.
There are plenty of reasons to choose FDN. But showing your clients and colleagues that you’re serious about your practice is a great reason to sign up today.

Get The Seal Of Approval From NBC-HWC With Health Coaching Mastery

Our Health Coach Mastery program is accredited by the esteemed NBC-HWC (National Board for Health & Wellness Practitioners).  
Leverage your expertise to define yourself as a leader in the industry and set up an enviable, flourishing career as a health coach – all while being able to do something you love! For ultimate credibility within the field of health coaching, become National Board Certified (NBC-HWC) and join those who have reached ‘the gold standard’.

Our Programs are Recognized and Accredited

Unlock Your Potential with FDN’s Health Coaching Programs:
Our Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Program and Health Coaching Mastery Options

Get Real Results

FDN will help you get REAL RESULTS for your clients.

We go deeper than ‘best practice health coaching.

Learn how functional lab testing can help you identify healing opportunities so you can create custom protocols to help people get well and stay well naturally.

Discover Our Functional Health Practitioner and Health Coaching Programs

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