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This course is open to the public and you do NOT have to be a graduate of the FDN Certification Course in order to learn more about Advanced Lyme: From Basics to Breakthroughs.


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  • Module 1 Lyme Basics:

    Learn the basics of Lyme and tick-borne co-infections that are essential foundational concepts when working with clients who have complex chronic illnesses, including epidemiology, risk of exposure and high risk groups.

  • Module 2 Tick Bites:

    The best treatment is prevention. This module focuses on prevention of infection by preventing tick bites as well as what to do if someone is bitten to maximize their chance of not becoming infected.

  • Module 3 Acute Lyme Disease:

    The next best treatment approach is early identification and treatment. Learn what Lyme disease looks like, how to test for it and the common medication and herbal treatment approaches to addressing acute infection.

  • Module 4 Tick-borne Co-infections:

    It’s not all Lyme disease and often it’s a combination of Lyme and other infections. Learn what other infections can be transmitted by a deer tick and are often associated with concurrent Lyme infection and what to do about them.

  • Module 5 Lab Testing For Tick-borne Infections:

    What labs to order and how to interpret them can be quite a challenging issue. This module demystifies lab testing so you can feel confident with what testing to recommend and how to help your client interpret their results.

  • Module 6 Nutrition:

    This module dives into various aspects of nutrition. You’ll learn about the pivotal role of having balanced blood sugar levels and how to manage blood sugar to improve Lyme disease. You will learn what type of nutrition plan is best for Lyme disease, with details on foods to avoid and foods to add for more nourishment. Finally, you’ll explore food journaling and how to break emotional eating patterns.

  • Module 7 Drainage and Detoxification:

    The body's ability to process and eliminate toxins and waste is a fundamental aspect of health, especially in managing conditions like Lyme disease. If you skip this step, you will increase the chances of intense Herxheimer reactions and slow down the healing process. Learn the specifics of supporting the colon, liver, lymphatic system, skin, and glymphatic system.

  • Module 8 Addressing Persistent Tick-borne Infections:

    Here’s where the rubber hits the road. Most of us are working with people whose initial diagnosis was missed or they were only partially treated. Learn how to address persistent infection(s) from the basics to the most advanced treatment protocols. This module will provide background into the prescription medication protocols your clients may be on and/or reading about so you are prepared to have in-depth coaching conversations. The primary focus will be on herbal self-treatment approaches so you are prepared to guide your client towards health.

  • Module 9 Nervous System and Stress Management:

    Living in “fight or flight” or a sympathetic state inhibits digestion, weakens the immune system, and prevents optimal healing from Lyme disease and any chronic illness. Learn the basics of the nervous system using Polyvagal theory, how the nervous system impacts healing, insights on heart rate variability (HRV) and health, and tools to regulate the nervous system and reduce stress for healing. Finally, you’ll understand ways to shift mindset for healing including finding a strong “why” statement, the placebo effect, mental rehearsal, and reworking self-talk patterns.

  • Module 10 Reducing Toxins:

    Reducing toxic load is an important part of healing from Lyme Disease because toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, and a wide array of chemicals in our everyday products can have a broad range of negative effects on human biology such as damaging the nervous system, altering hormone function, and suppressing immune system function. Learn how to address potential toxins in water, air, food, self care products, and household products for optimal health.

  • Module 11 Advanced Lyme Support Protocols:

    Recovery from chronic Lyme can be a long, at times rocky, road. In this module, you’ll learn supportive strategies that are critical to overall success healing from chronic infections. You’ll hear tips and tricks from over 15 years of clinical practice. Additionally, this population tends to be very well-educated about their diagnosis and treatment approaches. Even if you’re not prescribing medications, your clients may be on them. You’ll learn the commonly missed supportive elements for many of the emerging advanced treatment protocols so you’re prepared to have an in-depth discussion and likely prevent side effects that your client’s prescriber may have glanced over.

  • Module 12 Additional Therapies and Tools:

    Adjunctive therapies are not replacements for nutrition, lifestyle changes, supplements and medication recommendations for Lyme Disease. However, there are a wide variety of adjunctive therapies that people hear may help Lyme disease, such as frequency- specific microcurrent, hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, and IV therapy. Learn the effectiveness of these therapies and where they can be beneficial for additional support for someone with Lyme disease. You’ll also learn about hormetic stressors and ways to reduce inflammation, from sauna therapy and cold therapy, to phytonutrients and supplements.

  • Module 13 Putting It All Together:

    Learn from Dr. Moorcroft and Rachel Smith, FDN-P in a final conversation about putting together all of the information from the course.

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