Effective Health Coaching: 5 Key Strategies Effective Health Coaching: 5 Key Strategies A Journal of the American Medical Association study, published in 2014, compared different weight loss programs and found that in addition to exercise, motivational behavioral support led to more successful weight loss. Understanding what motivates someone is a critical first step to effective health coaching that drives true behavior change. The 5 key health coaching strategies that have shown to enhance motivation, increase health engagement, and ultimately help
3 Quick Start Strategies to Build Your Health Coaching Business 3 Quick Start Strategies to Build Your Health Coaching Business Are you thinking about starting your own Health Coaching business, but don’t know where to begin? Here are 3 quick start strategies you can implement today that will get you on your way to building the Health Coaching business you have always dreamed of. 1. Partner up with another health-oriented practice or business. One of
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We all know “that person” (or have even been that person) that… Goes online to research every new symptom or health issue that arises, spending hours self-diagnosing, utilizing only the most persistent health complaint as a clue to what is going on a deeper level.  Or who has countless doctor visits that end with a new prescription to treat the symptom, but don’t address the cause.  And maybe they even have seen alternative health practitioners
Health Coaching Jobs: Health Coaching Patients Health Coach Jobs: Health Coaching Patients Now more than ever, primary care clinicians are struggling to meet the needs of their patients within the allotted 15-minute visit. Health Coaching is one way for doctors to ensure their patients understand, agree with, and participate in the management of their health conditions. Health Coaches help patients gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their healthcare so
Health Coaching Jobs: Healthcare Organization Health Coaching Jobs: Healthcare Organization Today, Health Coaches are in a unique position to choose from a variety of jobs. From doctor’s offices, corporate wellness programs, spa and wellness centers, and private practice Health Coaching job opportunities are endless. According to a recent study, a growing number of healthcare organizations are now recruiting Health Coaches to help them facilitate health behavior changes. Employing Health Coaches as part of the staff
Health Coaching Jobs: Potential Earning Health Coach Jobs: Potential Earning Health Coaching is not only fulfilling and incredibly needed but also has the potential to be financially rewarding. U.S. healthcare spending reached $3 trillion dollars in 2014 with a projected growth of an average rate of 5.8 percent per year through 2025. With the expected growth in the healthcare industry, the number of working Health Coaches is anticipated to grow by nearly 22% by