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Job Opportunities for Health Coaches


jobs for health coaches

What are the job opportunities and outlook for health coaches?

Each year more and more individuals are looking for alternate options for health care. And, with a rise in diseases like obesity1 and diabetes2, so it’s no wonder people are turning to health coaches to offer new types of treatment.

The Job Market Outlook

The job outlook and demand for health coaches are growing rapidly. The job market is expected to expand by 13% by 2029 for health coaches and community health workers3. This growth rate is a sharpimprovement to the average job growth rate of 5-8%4.

health coaching jobs

What are the Job Opportunities Available to Me?

With the job market growing so fast, what kind of jobs can you expect as a qualified health coach5,6?

Private Practice

One of the many options for Health Coaches is starting their own private practice. This path allows you to set your own hours, be your own boss, and focus on a specific type of clientele. This path may not be a starting option for everyone, as it requires knowledge of running your own business. This option can also be done together with normal work.

health coach gyms


Many gyms are expanding their doors and services to include Health Coaches. These gyms have recognized the need to provide additional services other than personal training. Health coaches fit well into gyms by offering tools and advice to clients looking to change their habits and make healthy lifestyle changes. You may create workout programs, diet plans, or help clients on the floor of the gym to meet their goals.

Hospitals & Doctor's Offices

Most traditional hospitals and doctor’s offices are including Health Coaches in their treatment options. This path creates an excellent entry point into the field and can give you the necessary experience to create your own practice in the future.

You may have patients referred to you or you may refer patients to the doctor. You’ll act as an advocate for the patient and support the doctor’s orders to aid the client towards a healthier lifestyle. You might work with upwards of 100 clients one-on-one, develop action plans, and track their progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

corporate health coaching jobs

Corporate Entities

Corporations are starting to understand the role health and wellness play in their employees’ productivity and overall work satisfaction. With this path, you can expect to do one-on-one and group coaching sessions. You may work with a team and evaluate everything from what’s being served in the cafeteria, work conditions and even set up support groups.

Remote & Virtual Working Options

As a result of the global pandemic, we saw a rise in remote and virtual work across all career fields. Whether you have your own business or go the traditional route, you might expect to work with patients remotely and virtually. This path allows you to potentially connect with patients around the globe, offering your services and expertise to more people in need.

This position will be much like other positions. You will develop action plans, create goals, and track the progress of your clients. The benefit of remote work is that it can be done from anywhere in the world, reach more clients, and allows for more entrepreneurial endeavors.

health coaching jobs health spas

Spas & Resorts

Like gyms and corporate entities, health coach positions are popping up in other industries such as spas and resorts. This unique position will vary from business to business on daily activities and responsibilities. Due to the nature of this position, you may not work as closely with clients and be more of an overall consultant, aiding in the creation of programs and packages.

Speciality Healthcare Companies

You may also find positions at specialty healthcare companies that treat specific illnesses and diseases like diabetes or smoking. These positions can be online or in person. You could work at a rehab center helping patients integrate positive habits or even a weight loss center.

Do You Want To Become A Health Coach?

This is just a sample of the career opportunities you can expect as a health coach. There are many different options you can take during your career. As a health coach, you will be helping the lives of many individuals and your community as a whole. If you’re fascinated about becoming a health coach yourself, click here for more information.


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