3 Ways Functional Diagnostic Practitioners Are Different Than Health Coaches


Functional Diagnostic Practitioner going over test results

20 years ago, most people had likely never heard of health coaches. But now in the US, the health coaching industry has grown into a $7 billion dollar industry. And health coaching is expected to continue to grow.

Those who pursue training in health coaching have a desire and passion to help others stop struggling with health issues and feel good again. And health coaches play a vital role in providing support and accountability for clients as they look to make changes to improve their health.

But health coaching has limitations. Some coaches experience success in helping clients overcome mild health issues. But many struggle to get the results they want with clients. So, they pursue advanced training and certification in hopes that they can finally help people feel their best again.

The training provided by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is not like conventional health coach training. In fact, many certified health coaches come to learn from FDN even after years of working as conventional health coaches.

How FDN practitioners are different from health coaches

Functional lab testing that are different from health coaches 

Health coaches are a great source of support for their clients. They can offer accountability and encouragement to help their clients. This is perfect for those clients who need support to transition to a healthier way of eating or a new exercise program. But health coaches often hit a wall when trying to get deeper results with their clients.

FDN practitioners can also be a great source of support for clients. But the use of functional lab testing allows them to go much deeper into what is happening within the different systems of the body. FDN Practitioners interpret these tests differently than a doctor would. Doctors look for test results that fall in specific reference ranges. When a test result falls in that range it indicates specific diseases which allow a doctor to diagnose a disease.

FDN practitioners don’t diagnose or treat disease. These health detectives look at test results and look for subtle patterns in the body which indicate that there is an imbalance in a certain area of the body. These changes happen outside of the reference ranges used by doctors. But they give FDN practitioners big clues as to where the body could use some natural support to bring the body back into balance.

The D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Protocol

The D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success protocol uses all-natural lifestyle changes to help clients get results. Not only is the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success protocol easy to use, but it is highly customizable for each individual client. The protocol uses diet, rest, exercise, stress management, and specific supplementation. It helps clients to uncover hidden bad habits and sources of stress that may be impacting their health. It is not about trying to help a client manage symptoms. But instead, it is about giving their body the natural building blocks it needs to support its natural ability to rebuild health.

The protocol can be duplicated easily for each client, while at the same time offering clients a customized approach to rebuilding health that is appropriate for them.

Ending the need to chase symptoms

People search for health coaches and other alternative health practitioners because they don’t feel as good as they know they should. They want to feel better and are looking for someone who can help. Many have seen their doctor, or even multiple doctors looking for answers. Often their doctor has said that there is nothing wrong with them, according to the test results.

So, they begin spending time and money looking for solutions. They begin researching ways to help themselves. And like modern medicine, they typically focus on getting rid of symptoms. Many clients who come to work with an FDN practitioner have already spent thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars trying to find solutions. They want to feel better but don’t know how to get there.

FDN practitioners have a much higher success rate than conventional health coaches. FDN health detectives are trained to look for subtle patterns and imbalances in the body that others miss. And they support their clients to make the necessary lifestyle changes that can reverse those imbalances. And that helps them get results!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become an FDN health detective, contact us for more information.

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