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Metabolic Chaos®: A New Way of Looking at Disease

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More and more people are experiencing symptoms of chronic stress-related illness with no end in sight. Standard medicine is focused on treating the symptoms but not necessarily correcting the underlying imbalances causing them. Overall levels of health and wellness continue to decline instead of improving, even with all the advancements in today’s technology.  Today’s medical doctors […]

Podcast: 092 Reed Davis – Dress Your Health For Success

Alternative Health Tools with Reed-health coach certification certified health coach health coach jobs Jobs for health coaches health coach jobs remote online health coaches virtual health coach jobs health coach websites health coaching websites websites for health coaches functional nutrition certification

In this episode, we discuss with Reed Davis the ‘DRESS’ approach to functional and holistic health and how each area is important to overall health and well-being and include these topics: Diet Rest Exercise Stress Reduction and Supplements