Metabolic Chaos®: A New Way of Looking at Disease


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More and more people are experiencing symptoms of chronic stress-related illness with no end in sight. Standard medicine is focused on treating the symptoms but not necessarily correcting the underlying imbalances causing them. Overall levels of health and wellness continue to decline instead of improving, even with all the advancements in today’s technology. 

Today’s medical doctors rarely have time to teach their patients the principles of health-building, which is when a certified health coach

could be very useful. However, many traditional health coaches don’t have the training or tools needed to assist clients at a deep enough level.  Working with a health coach may increase one’s quality of life in some ways, but without a complete understanding of Metabolic Chaos® and how to sort it out, health coaches can also fall short.

Metabolic Chaos® is a state of health that exists because of complexities in one’s metabolism and underestimated influences from the environment, so correlation between the symptoms and cause is unpredictable.

One clue to Metabolic Chaos® is when intervention, based on a traditionally reliable cluster of symptoms, produces only a marginal therapeutic response. This new way of looking at disease helps us to understand how symptoms attributed to a medical diagnosis, when treatment for that medical diagnosis fails, are likely originating far upstream from the system that is being treated.  

Hidden stress and imbalances, if not soon resolved, cascade into other areas and Metabolic Chaos® ensues.  More serious dysfunction occurs and, depending on individual weak links in metabolism, leads to a disease process and, finally, the symptoms or cluster of symptoms appears.  In other words, symptoms don’t matter or, at least, they are not the real problem. They are the result of the problem. Put another way, contributors to Metabolic Chaos® are at cause and Metabolic Chaos® is the effect, until Metabolic Chaos® itself becomes the primary unwanted condition.

A short list of the results of and contributors to Metabolic Chaos® include:

  • Adrenal-related dysfunction
  • Circadian rhythm disruptions
  • Poor nutrient breakdown and absorption
  • Pro-oxidant/antioxidant imbalances
  • Dysbiosis and gut malfunction
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Detoxification problems

FDN Health Coaches not only learn how these dysfunctions occur, but proven method of helping their clients resolve them. Through step-by-step assessment procedures we identify underlying conditions and “healing opportunities”. As FDN practitioners, our methods may appear too simple.  We “coach up” the innate healing ability or vital reserve in our clients, as we “coach down” contributors to Metabolic Chaos®. We get results or lack thereof due to how well we apply the general principles of health building and routinely outperform the specific treatments offered by standard medicine and other coaching systems. 

Functional lab test reports, well-correlated with a real person and their health complaints, contain clues about imbalances and dysfunctions and other causal factors.  As health detectives we have no interest in medical diagnosis or “treating the paper”.

We use the lab data to gain insights and form an impression about a person and what they need to do to improve their health.  Clinical correlation between the lab test results and the client’s history and complaints, along with protocols that seek to do more than just relieve symptoms, provide reasonable assurance that clients can finally put an end to the horrible cycle of trial and error. 

The FDN Certification Program has been likened to a “practical doctorate” in functional medicine training.  Graduates not only learn how to identify healing opportunities and capitalize on our observations; they are taught how to identify and onboard clients who are most likely to be successful. Happy, healthy and satis

fied customers are the surest way to build a referral-based practice.  Knowing how to interview and qualify prospects using just eight main questions assures an FDN practitioner the person is ready, willing and able to do the necessary work. These time-honored, step-by-step methods have provided thousands of health coaches and allied practitioners with the ways and means to do their best work and build the practice or business of their dreams.

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