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The 3 Keys to Finding and Enrolling Clients


Imagine you getting your in-person or virtual health coaching business to the point where you are no longer on a never-ending quest for new clients. It’s actually simple and easy.  Clients are showing up at your doorstep eager to be your client.  

A Functional Health Coaching business where you get to focus on what you love doing the most, helping people on a deeper level, instead of draining your energy and spinning your wheels about marketing strategies trying to find clients.

Today’s Client

Today’s clients require you to know more than their stats, more than their behavior.  They want a sense that you really understand them.  They don’t want to be targeted; they want to be compelled.  In order for you to be successful today, clients must feel aligned with your mission; to feel that you fully “get them”.  

When you speak their language, when they feel understood, they will be compelled to work with you making it easy to find and enroll not only clients, but the most ideal clients for you making your work even easier and more fulfilling.

So how to you answer the call of these clients to find and enroll them?

The 3 Keys to Finding and Enrolling Clients

To help you remember the 3 Keys they can be summarized into the 3 C’s:

  1. Share a CLEAR core marketing message
  2. Offer CONCISE packages with confidence

No matter what business you’re in, these 3 Keys are the foundation.  Consider some of your favorite products or brands.  If you look closely at their marketing strategies, you’ll find these 3 business fundamentals to be true every single time, and you’ll see how you are naturally attracted to them as a customer or client.   

Key #1 – Share a CLEAR CORE marketing message

A clear core marketing message will help potential clients understand exactly what it is that you do in a way that directly addresses their primary health issues, needs and goals.  It will instantly catch their attention and compel them to engage with you whether at a networking event, through your Health Coaching website or social media platform.

Reflecting on your personal health story and who you are as a person is the easiest way to define your core marketing message and who your ideal client.  You likely were inspired to become a Functional Health Coach or Professional because of your own experiences, similar to most of our Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Community.  These experiences have shaped you to be the exact right person to help others who have similar experiences. 

This is the law of attraction; it’s why we surround ourselves with the people we do and it’s why we like the products or brands we use – because on some level we can relate to the story and experience that is being shared.

From your own story you can identify the common characteristics, beliefs, struggles, pain points, frustrations and solutions your ideal client has too.  Your story is the most powerful marketing tool at your fingertips, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Key #2 – Offer CONCISE packages with CONFIDENCE

In the beginning of building a health coaching business, most health coaches and professionals lack the confidence it takes to easily enroll clients because they are uncertain of their own offerings.  They know what they do and how they do it, but they aren’t able to relay this information in an organized way to assist a potential client in the decision-making process.  Unfortunately, this leads to frustration for both the client and the health professional.  

Most clients are coming to you in a state of brain fog and overwhelm as a result of their existing health issues and Metabolic Chaos®, which complicates their decision-making abilities.  When you are able to clearly state how you can help them with confidence in a way they can understand, you will increase your chances of gaining them as a client. 

You will have more confidence when you too are clear and concise about how you can help someone.  Creating 2-3 standard package offerings will give you the organization and roadmap you need to feel confident not only about what you have to offer, and how you will help someone but also about what comes next in your process so there is no room for uncertainty in your delivery.

In the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Certification Course, students learn a proven process for resolving health issues using functional lab testing to guide recommendations for diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation.  This duplicatable process gives you the tools you need to confidentially solve your clients health issues AND create standard package offerings. 

This confidence will come through in your tone of voice and how you provide information to potential client during a consultation, making it effortless for you and easy for them to decide to be your client. 

Offering 2-3 standard packages also allows you to establish standard workflow process, to build templates and automate your business so that you can work with more people without having to add more time to your work week.  This is how you can also build a foundation to scale your business.

Key #3 – Be CONSISTENT and persistent. 

Health is one of the most vulnerable topics to talk about.  Often times your potential clients feel as if no one is listening to them, failed by the conventional medical system and skeptical about if anyone can help them because they have tried so many things – this is what we call the “cycle of trial and error.”

Building trust and rapport with potential clients will help breakdown these barriers and open the door for an outreach leading to a consultation.  In marketing this is called “nurturing” a lead and there are various ways to do this through an email list, social media, blogging, etc.

No matter where you decide to focus your marketing and nurturing efforts, what’s really important is being consistent to build the relationship with your potential client.  On average a potential client can be on your email list or following you on social media for 6 months before they schedule a consultation and enroll in one of your programs.

But what led them to that final decision point was your consistent delivery of valuable information that helped them determine you as a trustworthy source capable of being able to meet their needs. 

A structured nurture strategy usually consists of:

  • Creating ONE great free gift or “lead magnet” you can give away that builds a ton of value in how you can help your ideal client
  • Offering this item on your website, blogs and social media platforms along with sharing other valuable information
  • Moving people who elect to receive your free gift to an email list where you can establish more direct and regular contact with them

Having Key #1 and #2 defined will give you the insight you need to develop a great free gift and endless ideas for content you can share.

Remember, your story is the most powerful marketing tool at your fingertips, and part of your story includes your transformation and healing process.   In the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Health Coaching Certification Course you not only learn about the proven FDN approach and functional lab testing, but you also get to apply it to yourself.  The course includes a series of lab tests for you to complete, pairing with a mentor to create your own health-building program and practicing sessions so that you are fully equipped to work with clients on deeper level when you graduate.

And as added bonus you’ll get to use all of this practical experience to easily find and enroll the right clients!  It’s common for FDN students to have a waiting list of clients when they graduate from simply sharing their story about going through the course and working on the own health.

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