The Difference Between Health Coaches and Functional Health Coaches


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What is the difference between Health Coaches and Functional Health Coaches? Health Coaches of all kinds are united by one common goal, to better the lives of their clients through health building principles. 

They are passionate about seeing their clients succeed and using these principles to restore health and ultimately achieve optimal wellness. More often than not, you can find a health coach reading up on the latest dietary theories or learning about new ways to expand their business so they can help more people. Although they are all united by these foundational components of health coaching, there is a particular type of health coach that stands out from the rest. 

Most health coaches spend their time teaching clients about incorporating whole foods into their diet, how to begin removing junk food and start cooking from scratch again. They’ve suggested lifestyle changes that could be made in order for their clients to meet their goals. Their clients should be feeling better, but there is some nagging health issue that they just can’t seem to help them get past, no matter what is done. Changing how they eat by itself just isn’t working. Clients become frustrated because they aren’t seeing the results they were hoping for and their health coach becomes discouraged their client isn’t satisfied. But what if there was a way to improve this process and improve client satisfaction?

Functional Health Coaches exceed the limitations of regular health coaching and are trained to uncover issues that lie deep within the body so that their clients can achieve their ultimate health goals.

What are some of the limitations of an average Health Coach?

  • You can only work on generalized wellness with your clients. Although this can alleviate some minor client health complaints, it leaves many issues left unsolved which can cause bigger problems further down the line.
  • You cannot help clients with deeper health issues. It goes against your scope of practice to give advice that may be medical in nature, and to cross that line puts your business at risk.
  • You want to be able to provide clients with results to build your business, but you find that you face far more clients who need help beyond what you are able to provide.
  • Your clients want and expect results; They want to see progress quickly. If you are working with them on a six to twelve month program and they don’t see the results that they expect, motivation can be lost. 
  • Recruiting clients may become difficult, as potential clients want to know that they can expect results, which is something that you cannot guarantee.

What if there was a way for you to take your training to the next level and work with your clients to get to the root of their health problems?

Training through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® to become a Functional Health Coach can help you get the answers you need to finally help your clients with health complaints that cannot be resolved through diet alone.

As a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Health Coach you will be able to help people on a deeper level and get real results.

Why can becoming a Functional Health Coach can change the game?

  • Using functional lab testing to uncover the root of a client’s health issues can allow you to give clients the answers they’ve so desperately been searching for.
  • Training with FDN will empower you to feel like you know enough to be able to truly help your clients to understand why they are dealing with the health issues that have been plaguing them.
  • Knowing what the root cause of health issues is for a client will allow you to focus in on the body imbalances that need to be addressed, instead of guessing or trying to chase symptoms to help them to get well.
  • Using the D.R.E.S.S. protocol from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, will allow you to help your clients to uncover hidden stressors and unhealthy habits in their daily lives that can be contributing to their health issues as well.
  • With the knowledge that you have, you can confidently assist your clients in a way that will give them the results that they have been longing for.
  • Happy clients will refer others because they saw results and believe in your work, and your  health coaching business will naturally thrive!

Becoming a functional health coach through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® can help you to take your health coaching business to a whole new level. 

FDN gives you the functional lab training, data-driven protocols, tools and leadership you need so you can confidently solve your client’s health issues and grow your career as a Functional Health Coach or Professional. And you will feel great seeing your client’s health and quality of life improve significantly. 

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The best news is that clients who follow FDN feel better quickly and, with persistence, may end up feeling completely restored. Indeed, we often see previously diagnosed conditions dry up completely. When the investigational work and protocols are comprehensive enough, both clients’ and practitioners’ confidence levels remain high and provide the necessary grounding for high levels of compliance when proper steps are taken.

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