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Functional Lab Testing: The Science Of Why


Functional Lab Testing The Science of Why


Each of us has felt ill at some point and made a trip to the doctor. Every doctor is different, but for the most part, we’ve all had the same experience. The doctor will ask what is bothering you and what symptoms you are experiencing. He or she may run some basic tests to verify what condition you have, and what type of medication to prescribe, if any, at what dosage and, if necessary, what surgery to recommend. The average doctor-patient interaction in the United States today lasts only 6 minutes. During the quick flash of time, your physician will do their best to work with the tools that they have to help you feel better. The problem is that conventional medicine dictates that they use the science of “WHAT.”

Those of us trained in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition base our practice on THE SCIENCE OF WHY. Functional health care looks beyond the symptoms and addresses the person as a whole. FDN health detectives are trained to find out WHY you are experiencing symptoms and are dedicated to understanding WHY dysfunction is occurring. While doctors aim to treat a condition that you have, FDNs aim to improve the condition that you are in, perhaps eradicating health problems, altogether.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. It seems that our conventional healthcare system focuses only on the symptoms of disease and infirmity part but has lost sight of the complete well-being component of health.

Over 133 million Americans are living with chronic disease, and over 70% of Americans take at least one prescription medication daily. So, it is clear that lots of people are sick, but WHY?

Modern medicine has been somewhat successful in the treatment and management of symptoms and disease. However, it does not employ the many tools available to evaluate basic human physiology before a condition or illness is evident. In the conventional sick-care model, treatment is only given once a patient has reached a certain clinical level of dysfunction. It is a reactive system. Smaller imbalances and indicators of downward spiraling health are often dismissed as “normal” because they fall within clinical reference ranges. Basically, on paper, the patient is simply not “sick enough” for treatment, even if they are clearly showing signs and symptoms of dysfunction.

Have you ever been to the doctor feeling less than wonderful, but he tells you all your tests are “normal”? Again, normal is a relative term here. In the medical community, it means that the level of dysfunction and dis-ease is not yet to a level that requires medications or surgery. It does not warrant clinical care. In these cases, you will likely get some relief care for your individual symptoms, but little is done to solve your real health problem. Doctors do what they are trained to do.

One thing that truly sets FDN apart from conventional medicine is our use of excellent tools and the way that we use them– our functional labs are the key.

Our approach is different. We use a well-care, or subclinical model. Our easy-to-do, non-invasive laboratory tests allow us to proactively focus on optimizing the body’s core physiological systems. We understand that early detection of hidden health stressors reaches far beyond the alleviation of symptoms. Many health conditions develop over the course of years; exhibiting undiagnosed and various, seemingly unrelated symptoms. All too often, symptoms can be misleading, and treatment plans based on symptoms alone can be unsuccessful in restoring health and function.

This is why, at FDN, we don’t guess, WE TEST.

These landmark tests are a breakthrough step in allowing YOU to take responsibility and control of your own health.

WHY test?

You’ll feel better, now and in the future. Once healing opportunities are identified, YOU will work together with your FDN Health coach to optimize and restore your own health – and you will feel and look better – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Be Empowered. Knowledge is Power. Armed with the knowledge gained from the FDN labs and the guidance of your FDN health coach, you will have the power to control your own health. You will learn to identify risk factors for a variety of health problems long before they become symptomatic, enabling you to take preventive and restorative measures to improve and maintain your health for life.

The following are two examples of the foundational functional lab tests are at the heart of our practice and offer a profound opportunity to see how your body is working at its deepest level.

Let’s take a look at what each of these FDN labs tell us about your health.

BH #101- The Metabolic Assessment Profile – Involves the analysis of a single urine sample giving us critical data to help identify factors leading to chronic illness.

The BH #101 measures the levels of indican, lipid peroxides and urinary bile acid sulfates (UBAS).

  • Provides an assessment of protein digestion using the indican test.
  • Determines a value of oxidative damage caused by free radical activity, guiding antioxidant therapy and pointing a finger to further underlying health issues.
  • Provides a direct measurement of liver function using urinary bile acid sulfates (UBAS).

This test gives us vital information about your digestion and detoxification, guiding our recommendations for therapeutic protocols, lifestyle modifications and further investigation.

BH #205 – The Adrenal Stress Profile Plus V – Involves the analysis of 4 saliva samples which provide insight into viability of steroid hormone balance; a look at circadian rhythm and adaptive stress response; and window into gut function.

  • Measures Cortisol, “the stress hormone” levels and patterns (4 individual measurements plus a total) to give a good look at adrenal function, circadian rhythm and adaptive reserve.
  • Measures DHEA, Estradiol, Estriol, Progesterone and Testosterone to find steroid hormone imbalances and metabolic inefficiencies in steroid hormone pathways.
  • Measures Melatonin “the sleep hormone” which gives us a glimpse into gut function and lends clues to possible sleep pattern issues.

In the event of adrenal exhaustion (something that is very common today), underlying causes must be determined through additional lab testing and investigation into environmental and lifestyle factors, while also supporting the adrenals with nutritional protocols and lifestyle modifications.

Tests may be intimidating.

Yes, we know. No one likes tests. The very word can create anxiety in people. The good news is that there no needles or sharp objects necessary to complete the foundational FDN lab tests. You won’t need a doctors’ appointment, either. The kits are shipped from the practitioner or lab, directly to your home. You follow simple directions to take your saliva and urine samples, then ship your kit back to the lab using the prepaid mailer. The results will be delivered to your FDN practitioner. The best part? These tests are easy to do – no studying required!

If you don’t know what all those medical terms mean, don’t worry, you don’t have to. The body is a complex and dynamic organism. Your FDN practitioner will interpret your results and break down the information for you in clear terms to which you can relate. We take the time to educate you on the healing opportunities and guide you through the process of restoring balance. Together with your FDN health coach, you will embark on a transformational journey to renewed health.

Here at FDN, we educate, we coach, we support and we provide the comfort that people need in order to heal their bodies once and for all.

It’s that simple…

So, are you ready to get started?

You deserve to begin feeling better, more alive, and more at peace with your body.

Isn’t it time to stop chasing symptoms and start living life the way it was meant to be lived?

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Don’t wait until a functional imbalance turns into a condition or illness. You have the power to take informed action now to change the future of your health.

It’s time to stop waiting for the WHAT and start looking for the WHY.

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