Hormone Imbalance During Pregnancy Causes Mood Swings


Most women experience mood swings during pregnancy. But why does this happen? And how can symptoms be eliminated? Mood swings are also a common symptom of PMS. In both cases, a hormone imbalance is the most common cause. Unfortunately, hormone imbalance is quite common. And unhealthy habits that today’s lifestyle promotes are typically to blame. Female Hormone Imbalance The major hormones involved in menstruation and pregnancy are estrogen and progesterone. In general, estrogen promotes tissue growth and progesterone regulates it. When an imbalance between these hormones develops, serious problems can result. Low progesterone has become the most common form of hormone imbalance [...]

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8 Signs that Stress is Causing a Hormonal Imbalance


How much do you know about the connection between stress and hormonal imbalance? Stress is on the rise throughout the modern world. We have an increasing number of things that demand our time and attention every day. Many of us aren’t sleeping as well as we should and we lead fairly sedentary lifestyles. And many more of us consume a diet filled with chemical additives, preservatives, flavorings and sugar, all which leave us feeling even more stressed and fatigued. We have gadgets that allow us to be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is seemingly bad news [...]

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Unexpected Places BPA May Be Hiding


Bisphenol A, better known as BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used for more than fifty years. It is primarily used in the making of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.  It is used in such a large number of products that most human beings are exposed to it on a regular basis. The Dangers of BPA Although groups like the American Chemistry Council and the FDA continue to tout the safety of BPA when exposure is low, regular exposure may be doing far more damage than the industry experts will ever acknowledge. BPA is a known endocrine disruptor.  It [...]

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How Stress May Be Making You Fat


Is stress making you fat? Is it making it difficult for you to lose to excess weight in your body? In this interview by Sean Croxton, Reed Davis talks about hormones and adrenal dysfunction and how it contributes to excess weight. He also addresses other topics, such as parasites, hormone imbalances, adrenal dysfuntion, types of testing used and the use of adaptogens, herbs and tonics. Some of the topics covered and questions answered include: How Sean first met Reed Davis What separates Reed's approach from the Western allopathic approach to health? What is adrenal dysfunction and how do we end up with [...]

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Stress and Hormones


By Reed Davis Stress is a growing problem in the world, and as a result chronic illness is on the rise as well. The connection between stress and illness has been well documented. One area that needs to be addressed is the connection between stress and hormones. Treating Symptoms vs. Treating the Cause  When a person develops a physical or mental symptom that becomes concerning, often the first step is to visit their physician.  In many cases, the given solution will be some type of medication which is designed to alleviate the symptom. But medication can create annoying or dangerous side [...]

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How to Know When Your Hormones are Out of Whack


Many women struggle with hormone imbalance, but aren’t even aware that they have an issue with hormones. This is partly because the symptoms that are common with hormonal imbalances are just accepted as “normal”. But they are not normal. It is not normal for a woman to experience hot flashes, low libido, weight issues, fatigue or brain fog. Main lifestyle factors that contribute to hormone imbalance and some easy changes that you can make that can help to get your hormones back in balance. Hormone changes are now starting to happen before menopause, and menopause is happening at earlier ages than [...]

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