Health Coach Certification + How Long it Takes


Why Now is The Best Time to Pursue Health Coach Certification. Plus, How Long it Takes. There has never been a better time to pursue health coach certification! There are soooo many reasons for this, but the primary reasons (in our opinion) include: The mainstream healthcare system is failing Chronic health conditions are on the […]

How To Overcome Sitting for Long Periods of Time as A Health Coach

how to overcome sitting for a long time health coach

Finding yourself sitting for long periods of time? Over the past few decades, much of the U.S. population has gone from being physically active to being mostly sedentary. We don’t move very much throughout each day anymore. And that pattern has progressively gotten worse. Many people in the US work jobs that require long hours […]

The Superior Health Coaching Program

The Superior Health Coaching Program Due to the rising health care costs and increased awareness of the impact of lifestyle on wellbeing, people are much more conscious about their health. More and more people are looking for guidance, education, and encouragement as they work to live a healthier lifestyle. As a Health Coach, your knowledge, […]

Podcast: New-Trition Perspective podcast with Angela Atkins

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Angela will be airing the interview on Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 9:00 am (ET). It won’t be available until that time as it is within a scheduled blog post. If traffic is sent to the podcast, she suggests using the permalink because she has control over the site. It will also be promoted on social […]

What Is The Right Health Coaching Job For You?

With Health Coaching becoming a growing industry, there are many different career paths within this field to choose from. Here are 4 Health Coaching options available to you. 1. Start your own Health Coaching business. Whether you make your Health Coaching business a full-time job, or fit it in around your existing profession, you get […]