What’s So Great About Being Normal?


Whats So Great About Being Normal

If you follow a lot of mainstream health and fitness information, you’re bound to be shocked by some of the things I say. But shock is good if it means getting the truth out, and at the least, it will hopefully open your mind a bit. To set the stage, I want to discuss something I find very disappointing, and that is “normal” health.

How many people do you know that drag themselves out of bed every day, need 3 or 4 cups of coffee to get going, and are too tired to do much of anything when they get home from work? I bet you know a lot of people like this because it’s unfortunately become the American way of life.

What We’ve Become

Take a look around. How many people can you see that are overweight and look miserable? The number of people with preventable diseases like type 2 diabetes is alarmingly high. And what about cancer? I’ve read estimates that project as many as 1 out of every 2 people to get it. That’s insane!

All of this has become so common that we accept it as normal, blame it on age, or blame it on genetics. Maybe it’s time to take some responsibility and blame ourselves, but that’s a subject for a different day. For now, just try opening your mind to the fact that there’s a better way because there really is. I promise!

A Better Way

I too have spent much of my life falling for this dismal representation of normalcy. Finally I got smart and got past it. My goal is to get you past it too! What normal health should really be like is waking up with plenty of energy in the morning, getting out of bed easily, and having good energy throughout the day and evening. And that’s without coffee or any other stimulants.

Normal doesn’t sound so normal anymore, does it? What normal health should really be is optimal health. The problem is that the typical American lifestyle is far too unhealthy to support optimal health and most people who think they’re following a healthy lifestyle are most likely not.

Although this is some pretty depressing information, I hope you can look at it as opportunity for improvement instead. Opportunity means a chance at a better life and that should be exciting. Stay tuned for more!

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