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How Stress May Be Making You Fat


How stress may be making you fat

Is stress making you fat? Is it making it difficult for you to lose to excess weight in your body? In this interview by Sean Croxton, Reed Davis talks about hormones and adrenal dysfunction and how it contributes to excess weight. He also addresses other topics, such as parasites, hormone imbalances, adrenal dysfuntion, types of testing used and the use of adaptogens, herbs and tonics.

Some of the topics covered and questions answered include:

  • How Sean first met Reed Davis
  • What separates Reed’s approach from the Western allopathic approach to health?
  • What is adrenal dysfunction and how do we end up with it?
  • What is stress and what does it do you your body?
  • What kinds of things cause stress to the body?
  • What is the measurement of adrenal strength and function?
  • What does cortisol do to DHEA and other hormone levels?
  • What are the symptoms of cortisol and DHEA imbalance?
  • How does stress impact the thyroid?
  • How do the adrenal glands contribute to inflammation in the body?
  • Why we test saliva and not blood?
  • What are the four pillars of health and how are they involved with adrenal dysfunction?
  • Why do women from agrarian (farm and agriculture) societies not have the same symptoms that women who eat a processed diet have?
  • What is happening to women who deal with hot flashes? Why does that happen?
  • What is the difference between how you would treat something like hot flashes, and how a doctor would treat that?
  • What is the difference between synthetic hormones and natural, bio-identical hormones?
  • What is one of the things that is coming up in the testing that is a hidden stressor that is making someone sick, that they wouldn’t even think about?
  • Can over-training affect the adrenals?
  • What is the purpose of taking licorice root? How does it affect cortisol and the adrenals?
  • Who should avoid licorice root?
  • What is your take on tonics and adaptogens that others are promoting?
  • As a pathogen, how do parasites affect adrenal dysfunction?
  • Which do you treat first, a fungal infection or parasites?
  • Can nervousness affect issues like erectile dysfunction?

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