Dealing With Clients Who Struggle to Comply

clients who don't follow protocol

Do your clients struggle to comply? In a perfect world, as a health coach, you would have a base of ideal clients. Clients who are completely committed to their health and willing to do everything needed to improve it. And do it regularly. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. That means there will […]

Managing Your Stress as a Health Coach

managing your stress

As a health coach, you want nothing more than to help others navigate the road back to good health. It’s hard to watch people struggle because they just don’t feel great. And you’ve made a commitment to help your clients make the changes they need to make to get healthy again. A large part of […]

Pandemic Stress is Fueling a Greater Need for Health Coaches

There has never been a greater need for health coaches than there is now. And that need will continue to climb over the coming years and decades. With the spread of COVID-19, we’ve faced unprecedented challenges. And our way of living has changed in ways that are unsettling for most. The uncertainty and fear of […]

Is Stress Causing Your Client’s Hormonal Imbalance?

Along with all of the stressors of everyday life, both men and women are often faced with the physical, mental and emotional effects of hormonal imbalances. The more clients you work with that face these challenges, the more evident it becomes that there is an undoubtedly strong connection between stress and hormones.  It’s no secret […]

How Deep Breathing Reduces Stress

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Throughout our lives we take millions of breaths without thinking about it. But without proper breathing we cannot experience good health. Each of the trillions of cells we’re made of requires a steady supply of oxygen to function properly. Going without it for longer than just a few minutes will result in death!  Most people […]

Helping Clients Understand that Self-Care isn’t Selfish

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There is a message that is prevalent throughout the western world that it is selfish to take time for self-care.  Women particularly feel guilty taking the time necessary to care for and nurture themselves and because of this they often they put themselves last. The result is an increase in stress…and ultimately chronic illness. As […]