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How To Overcome Sitting for Long Periods of Time as A Health Coach


how to overcome sitting for a long time health coach

Finding yourself sitting for long periods of time? Over the past few decades, much of the U.S. population has gone from being physically active to being mostly sedentary. We don’t move very much throughout each day anymore. And that pattern has progressively gotten worse. Many people in the US work jobs that require long hours of sitting in front of a computer screen. Seemingly endless cable channels, streaming services, video games, and smartphones keep us staring at screens, instead of being physically active. And studies show that people are sitting 8 hours a day on average. For many people that number is even higher!

As a health coach, you are not immune to this problem. Even health coaches can find themselves sitting a lot. Extended periods of sitting can be harmful. Whether it is sitting at a desk, behind the wheel of your vehicle, or on your couch, too much sitting has been connected to a list of chronic health issues. A sedentary lifestyle has been connected with an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. And sitting too long can be damaging to your posture as well. It can lead to pain and muscle imbalances.

Of course, as a health coach, you understand the importance of exercise and moving your body regularly. But that can still be a challenge to do throughout your day, particularly if you have a full schedule of clients. 

So, what can you do to make sure you are moving as much as possible throughout your day?

Stand up every hour

Take a few minutes one to two times an hour to stand up and move for 2-3 minutes. What if you are working with a client for longer than an hour? As a health coach, you set an example for your clients. Build those moments into a client meeting when possible and encourage them to do the same. It’s allowing you to help them build new habits while also helping you to support your own health.

Use a standing desk

Standing desks have become more popular in recent years. Standing desks allow you to change positions quickly and easily, taking pressure off of your spine. These days, standing desks are much easier to find. And you can find a good standing desk that won’t break the bank as well.

Do some exercises at your desk

Don’t have time for a longer break? There are plenty of exercises that you can do in a minute or two right at your desk. YouTube is filled with videos from experts that can help you move more throughout the day. This will help you to avoid the dangers of being sedentary while on the job.

Exercise during your lunchbreak

If you’re building your own business, be sure to include 30-60 minutes a day in your schedule for lunch. That allows you to not only enjoy a healthy lunch but to take some time to get moving. Exercising on your lunch break doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have the time, it’s perfectly okay to take an organized exercise class. But even getting out and going for a walk is an easy way to get your body moving.

Stand while talking on the phone

Do you work with clients over the phone? Even if you use your phone for video calls, you can still stand while talking to clients or while handling other business. This allows you to sit less and move around more than if you were seated. If you have the opportunity to walk during a call, even better!

Even as a health coach, it is important to stay active after work hours. Taking regular exercise classes or having a consistent workout schedule is great! But you can add other activities each day as well.

When you’re not working, here are a few things you can do to increase your activity outside of regular workouts:

  • Park farther away from the store when out shopping.
  • Walk around the house while talking on the phone.
  • Stop endlessly scrolling on your phone and go walk the dog, clean the house, or play with the kids instead.
  • Do some calisthenics or walk in place while watching television instead of just sitting on the couch.
become a health coach


All of these things can help you overcome having to sit for long periods of time. And that allows you to set a great example for your clients!

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