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Health Coach Certification + How Long it Takes


Why Now is The Best Time to Pursue Health Coach Certification. Plus, How Long it Takes. There has never been a better time to pursue health coach certification! There are soooo many reasons for this, but the primary reasons (in our opinion) include: The mainstream healthcare system is failing Chronic health conditions are on the […]

How To Overcome Sitting for Long Periods of Time as A Health Coach

how to overcome sitting for a long time health coach

Finding yourself sitting for long periods of time? Over the past few decades, much of the U.S. population has gone from being physically active to being mostly sedentary. We don’t move very much throughout each day anymore. And that pattern has progressively gotten worse. Many people in the US work jobs that require long hours […]

9 Health Benefits of Walking

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To be healthy, it is important to exercise regularly. If you are looking for an exercise that you can do daily and that is simple to do, then perhaps you should consider walking. Of course, taking regular walks has some benefits that aren’t health related. It doesn’t require expensive equipment to do. All you need […]

How Yoga Benefits the Body

How Yoga Benefits the Body

In order to maintain a healthy body one important element that should be included daily is light to moderate exercise. Being active and not sedentary can not only prolong your life, but can reduce the risks of chronic health problems, and help you to have a better quality of life. One form of exercise that helps […]

Why You Need to Get Off of the Couch and Get Moving

Why You Need to Get Off of the Couch and Get Moving

How often do you get up off of the couch and get moving? We often hear about how important it is to exercise our bodies regularly, and yet most people live sedentary lives and get very little exercise each day.   Technological advances have made it much easier for us to perpetuate a sedentary lifestyle.  We […]