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Do You Have To Be Certified To Be A Health Coach


Do You Have To Be Certified To Be A Health Coach Thumb

Do you need a Health Coaching certification to become a Health Coach?

The answer is NO; however, many Health Coaches today already have careers in either the health or fitness industry.

A variety of healthcare professionals such as nurses, physical therapist, nutritionist, and behavioral psychologist are becoming are becoming Health Coaches to better help their clients facilitate lifestyle changes.

Sports trainers & physical fitness professionals are also becoming Health Coaches to provide more well rounded health & lifestyle information to their clients.

Why are more people turning to Health Coaches for health and wellness?

The benefits from working with a Health Coach include:
Creation of a specific & individualized wellness plan and achievable goals. A focus on the entire wellness spectrum vs. specific conditions.

Receiving ongoing support and education to better identify behavioral patterns and making the changes needed to achieve set goals.

The reality is… as a Health Coach you are an invaluable source for anyone who is ready to get on the path towards wellness.

And there is no equivalent to the superior training and skills of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners. FDN training sets you apart from all other health & wellness coaches by helping you to identify the real physiological, bio-chemical and behavioral problems that will allow clients to improve overall health & well-being.

That is why Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) practitioners are the most successful Health Coaches in health & wellness today.

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