All About Digestion: the Connection Between Gut and Health


All About Digestion the Connection Between Gut and Health 1

The digestive system and digestion plays an important part in our overall health. But for many who struggle with digestive issues the symptoms and health issues that they face are far reaching and ultimately impact their daily quality of life. FDN founder Reed Davis and Sean Croxton discussed digestion at length and how an unhealthy digestive system can lead to chronic health complaints, as well as ways you can begin to improve your digestive function.

Some of the topics and questions covered in this interview include:

What are some of the digestive problems that clients regularly present themselves to you with?

Why you should be pooping every day….multiple times a day!

What is the mucosal or intestinal barrier? What is its function?

Why hyperpermability is bad for your health.

What causes the gut to break down.

What is gut dysbiosis?

When the gut becomes permeable, what types of health problems can result?

What are some of the symptoms of having a yeast overgrowth?

What is the link between gut permeability and autoimmune disease?

How are sugar cravings linked to yeast overgrowth?

What does low melatonin have to do with problems in the gut?

How do food sensitivities come about and If someone has a food sensitivity, do they always have to avoid that food?

What does digestion have to do with detoxification?

If the liver can’t get rid of excess toxins, where do they go?

How do parasites get into the body?

What is the difference between medical stool test and the tests FDN does? Why does a client get a stool test from their doctor which finds nothing and then have one done through us and something is found?

What are a couple of things that someone can do to strengthen your gut after a diagnosis of IBS?

Is charting your food and poop an effective way to test for intolerances and allergies or is a test more effective?

What is some practical information for people that can help with pre-digestion?

How can you tell if you’ve truly rid yourself of Candida or parasites or if they are laying dormant?

How much time is needed for a meal to be fully digested and passed through?

What can be done about parasites that are in other organs like the liver, and how do they get there?

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