Podcast: Could You Have a Gut Problem

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I am so excited to share today’s episode with you with my good friend, Reed Davis. We chat all about gut health and how important it truly is! So many Americans are affected by poor gut health and don’t even realize it until it’s too late. Tune in and learn more about how you can […]

SIBO: When bacteria ends up in the wrong place

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Do you have a client with chronic gas, bloating or abdominal cramps? These symptoms, and more, can be a sign of bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. SIBO may be the cause! As a health coach, you’re probably aware the gut should be populated with a healthy ratio of friendly bacteria. And because of the […]

How Caffeine May Be Harming Your Health

How Caffeine May Be Harming Your Health

We are living in a time when it seems that there is a coffee shop on every corner, and caffeine filled soft drinks and energy drinks are easily accessible to people of all ages.  Social media is full of plenty of jokes about people needing their daily coffee fix to survive. But those jokes aren’t […]

Understanding Your Gut Microbiome

Understanding Your gut Microbiome

How much do you know about your own gut microbiome and how keeping it healthy is vital to your overall health? Most people consider themselves mere human beings, composed of approximately ten trillion cells that make up our tissues, organs, and bodies.  However, each one of us is so much more than that.  Your body […]

The Consequences of Leaky Gut

The Consequences of Leaky Gut

Today’s post is a guest post from Linda Wilbert-Stewart, HHP, HC and FDN-P.  Today she is looking at the consequences of leaky gut on your health. Lеаkу gut syndrome, also called Increased Gut Permeability,  is a diѕоrdеr саuѕеd by thе increased lеаkinеѕѕ оf intеѕtinаl mucosal mеmbrаnе, which can have ѕоmе serious consequences if lеft unattended. […]

All About Digestion: the Connection Between Gut and Health

All About Digestion the Connection Between Gut and Health 1

The digestive system and digestion plays an important part in our overall health. But for many who struggle with digestive issues the symptoms and health issues that they face are far reaching and ultimately impact their daily quality of life. FDN founder Reed Davis and Sean Croxton discussed digestion at length and how an unhealthy […]