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Why Use Functional Labs to Help Your Coaching Clients Get Better


why functional labs

Why Use Functional Lab Tests?

FDN Practitioners (FDNs) use data mined from lab reports for several reasons. High-quality, carefully chosen functional lab work and health screenings provide information about our clients that is otherwise unattainable. This information, along with other intelligence gathered through conscientious history taking and motivational interviewing provides the most comprehensive intake possible.

Knowing we are using the most thorough and comprehensive strategy found anywhere in the health space gives FDNs the confidence needed to promote themselves and operate effectively as successful health entrepreneurs and it gives clients a sense that they are working with the best and finally on the right path.

functional lab tests

Perhaps most importantly, clients are much more likely to remain in compliance with suggested self-care and lifestyle changes when we correlate their health complaints with the true, underlying “healing opportunities” identified “upstream” from where the dis-ease process or symptoms seem to be coming from.

Comprehensiveness, confidence, and compliance are three C’s FDN Practitioners recognize and appreciate in their pursuit of helping clients and making the world a better place.

health coach detective

Comprehensiveness – Functional Lab

FDNs are like health detectives who look for as many clues as possible about why clients are having health problems. Our system of identifying healing opportunities, especially within the hormone, immune, digestion, and detoxification systems, along with problems associated with oxidative stress, energy production, and autonomic imbalance has proven to get consistent, reliable, and reasonable results when no other system has helped.

Such comprehensive intake may seem like overkill to the inexperienced practitioner or client, or to those who focus only on diagnosing and treating specific conditions. We know, however, that a comprehensive intake helps end the arduous and frustrating cycle of trial and error for our clients and saves time and money in the long run.

intake for health clients

Additionally, motivational/behavioral interviewing provides FDN practitioners with information about blockages to healing that are found not in lab work, but in the complexities of the mind and emotions of our clients. We’re not psychologists but use coaching skills to help clients to sort out and align both long-term and short-term goals and their own personal reasoning.

The combination of well-chosen functional lab data, in-depth behavioral interviewing and all-inclusive lifestyle protocols allow FDNs to bank on getting results with their clients. By getting off to a great start using our time-honored comprehensive approach developed over a 20+-year period and then sticking with it, clients become our best allies and advocates.

functional lab results

Confidence – Function Lab

Have you or anyone you know ever been told, “There’s nothing wrong with you,” or, “Your blood work looks normal?” That’s what many clients say they were told by a previous practitioner. Yet they know something is wrong. FDNs have the confidence that comes only with working (almost exclusively) at the causal level or as close to it as possible.

The truth is some causal factors are easy to spot and don’t require much investigation. To our way of thinking, the only way others miss such healing opportunities is because they aren’t looking for them.

Some causal factors can be tricky to identify as they lie far removed from where the problem seems to be showing up. Still, others are impossible to identify as either there are no labs yet developed, or the causal factors are very complex, being the result of a combination of multiple “contributors to Metabolic Chaos®” and, moreover, each one having a negative or compounding effect upon the other. But that’s okay!

resolve health issues

Our proven system of identifying multiple healing opportunities and applying the general principles of health building has a beneficial effect upon the so-called root cause, even when its identity can only be hinted at by indirect measurement.

FDNs are not so much interested in identifying the “dots” are we are in connecting the dots. We’re confident we’re looking at the right biomarkers and even more confident our drug-free, all-natural protocols impact every cell, tissue, organ, and system (the entire organism) simultaneously. Clients just know they’re starting to feel and look better quickly and gain equal confidence they are on the right pathway.

functional health results

Compliance – Functional Lab

Showing them “on paper” why they feel so lousy is enlightening and sometimes shocking to an FDN client, but also uplifting at the same time. Our lab explanation and correlation approach not only present helpful insights about what’s going on in the body but also provides clients with such a sense of relief they often decry, “So, it’s not all in my head!?” Such realizations are highly motivating, instill a sense of responsibility and invoke a level of compliance equal to their excitement and newfound confidence.

Thousands of clients have remarked, after reviewing functional labs with their FDN Practitioner, “No wonder I feel the way I do, why has no one ever shown me this before?”. To that, we can only tell clients that other systems are designed to “label and treat disease or manage symptoms” which we care little about.

self care healing

FDNs do not provide any medical diagnosis. To that domain, we happily concede a complete monopoly to licensed medical providers. “They” still rely mostly on medical diagnosis and treatment algorithms that rarely if ever address the causal factors.

Self-care takes time to get the desired effects. Depending on the underlying imbalances and dysfunctions that need correcting. It is the accumulation of the effects from proper diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplementation that add up over a period.

It should be no surprise that most chronic stress-related health complaints are due to poor choices adding up in those areas. As one might guess, with better compliance or adherence to the required changes comes better results.

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The best news is that clients who follow FDN feel better quickly and, with persistence, may end up feeling completely restored. Indeed, we often see previously diagnosed conditions dry up completely. When the investigational work and protocols are comprehensive enough, both clients’ and practitioners’ confidence levels remain high and provide the necessary grounding for high levels of compliance when proper steps are taken.

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