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Should You Be a Health Coach?


Are you meant to be a health coach? If your desire is to help others live their most healthy lives, then you possess qualities that are perfect for being a health coach. Here are some signs that you are destine to be a great health coach.

1. You value health in its entirety. A health coach realizes that each aspect of health is important to achieving an optimal and lasting behavior change.

2. You are passionate about empowering others. A health coach’s greatest characteristic is a passion for helping others become their best selves. Through motivation, inspiration and guided discussions a health coach can tap into one’s motivation and promote action.

3. You are engaged in continuous education. A health coach is eager and dedicated to challenge their own minds as well as those of their clients.

4. You realize the need for improved health. With obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease on the rise, a health coach understands the need for improved health in our nation.

5. You are a good listener. One of the essential qualities of an affective health coach is great listening skills.

6. You value dynamic relationships. A health coach has the ability to relate and connect with others and provide a comfortable environment to foster behavior change and growth among their clients.

7. You inspire and motivate through your actions. A health coach lives a lifestyle that is a model for others and often attract others to them.

If you possess most or all of these characteristics, then becoming a health coach is the right career fit for you!

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