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Seniors Benefit From Health Coaching



Seniors Benefit From Health Coaching

Research on healthy aging shows that seniors who embrace wellness as part of everyday life receive significant benefits.

A long-term study discovered 70% of physical aging and nearly 50% of mental aging is determined by lifestyle choices.

Health Coaches are trained and focused on helping clients of all ages with lifestyle behavior changes.

A Health Coach understands that as a senior, being physically active and eating a nutritious diet can help you continue to do the things you enjoy and stay independent as you age.

Health Coaches work with their senior clients to create individualized goals dealing with:
Nutrition: calories, salt and fat intake, foods to fight cancer, management of diabetes, brain superfoods, and fiber and water requirement.

Physical activity: balance, flexibility, strength, and mobility to prevent falling; improve circulation.

Most importantly, a Health Coach works as a mentor helping senior clients take responsibility for their health, to pay attention to their body’s warning signs, and to seek medical help when necessary.

Health Coaches have the skills and tools to help clients of all ages create lifestyle habits to stay active, healthy, and independent.

Of course, with training as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Practitioner, you will have the skills and tools that separate you from other practitioners. This is why FDN Health Coaches never run out of potential clients, making them the most successful in the world of health and wellness.

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