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Optimal Health: Do You Know What You’re Missing?


Optimal Health Do You Know

Modern society has come to accept a pretty dismal state of health as being normal. Complaints like fatigue, pain, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and indigestion are considered a typical part of each day. More serious issues such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis, attention deficit disorder, and depression are common as well. Even major life threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancer have become prevalent. In fact, heart disease and cancer barely existed less than a century ago and are now the two leading causes of death in America.

These problems don’t happen by chance. They’re merely symptoms of underlying malfunction. The unfortunate truth is that many people have spent their entire lives promoting this malfunction and don’t even know it. While they think they’re doing well, they’re really missing out on a much better quality of life. By comparison to today’s standards, it’s very easy to consider yourself in excellent health and many of us have fallen into this trap.

The Benefits of Optimal Health That You May Be Missing Out On

Optimal health is a state in which your body is free of underlying malfunction. Through the amazing accomplishments of nature and evolution, your body intuitively knows exactly how to achieve this state, but only if you give it the required support. The following are just some of the consistent benefits enjoyed by the people who’ve dedicated themselves to living a truly healthy lifestyle that provides this support. There’s such a drastic difference in comparison to most people that you’re unlikely to believe it, but it’s for real.

  • Waking up happy, full of energy, and excited to start the day.
  • Having a steady supply of balanced energy throughout the entire day without any excessive highs or sluggish lows.
  • Not needing any caffeine or sugar to get through the day.
  • Having a high capacity for physical activity.
  • Having a high resistance to illness and going many years without getting sick.
  • Being able to remember things easily, think clearly, concentrate deeply, and have a balanced mind that is free of anxiety.
  • Having a natural tendency to be in a good mood and having a high tolerance for stress, frustration, and irritability.
  • Being able to easily maintain a slim figure and an ideal body weight.
  • Enjoying a body that moves freely, smoothly, and is free of pain.
  • Digesting your meals without issues such as heartburn, indigestion, gas, belching, diarrhea, or constipation.
  • Being free of food cravings.
  • Naturally becoming tired around bedtime and being able to fall asleep easily.
  • Having an uninterrupted and restful night of sleep.

How Do You Measure Up?

Chances are that at least a few of these characteristics are the complete opposite of what you experience.

If you think I’m being unrealistic and you don’t believe anyone could live as well as I described, you’re absolutely wrong. I know first hand that it’s possible to enjoy every single one of these benefits on a consistent basis and I know many others who can say the same. Although some of us are brought into this world with more dysfunction than others, we all equally share the ability to do something about it. While many people choose not to or are simply unaware of the possibilities, that doesn’t make you any less able.

Most people choose to frequently indulge in multiple vices at the cost of their well being and that’s fine. We all have that choice. But if you’re one of them, just be sure you’re fully aware of the consequences and that you’re not short changing yourself more than you realize. There’s good reason why older people often say “if I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” Regret is an awful thing to live with!

The Need For Recognition

As with any type of self improvement, recognizing the problem is always the first step. Without that recognition, there is no incentive to do better. Many people are living far below their potential and will continue doing so until they recognize a need for change. As such, the goal of this article is not to criticize, but to create awareness and inspiration.

If you would like to bring some of the benefits listed above into your life more consistently, then reflect on your current state of well being and assess how much desire you have to make a change. This is a prerequisite to any type of self improvement that you embark on because without desire, change will not happen.

Photo credit: © Phil Date | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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