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Mold Illness with Dr. Sandeep Gupta


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This interview was part of a special webinar that was recently done for members of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners (AFDNP). But the topic of mold illness is an important one and toxic mold is affecting the health of so many people that Reed Davis felt that it was vital to share this information with health coaches, alternative health practitioners and the general public.

Mold is everywhere…and is particularly a problem in areas that see high amounts of rain, flooding, hurricanes and tropical storms. And although you can sometimes see it in your home or workplace, often times it goes unseen. And most people aren’t aware of a growing problem with toxic mold exposure and the resulting health issues that come from being exposed.

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, otherwise known as mold illness, is becoming more widespread and that, health coaches need to be able to recognize this issue when working with clients.

Some of the topics discussed in this presentation include:

7:15  Dr Gupta discusses his background and credentials

9:40 How Reed and Dr Gupta met

18:42 What is mold illness and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)?

24:00 The immune markers of CIRS

27:40 The symptoms of CIRS

30:38 Why looking at CIRS should come after the regular FDN protocol

32:45 Examples of a water damaged building and causes

37:45 Ways to know if you’re living in a water damaged building

44:15 When to suspect CIRS

46:15 Subtle questions to ask about potential exposure to mold

48:00 The problem with cross contamination

50:30 Screening for CIRS

57:25 VCS testing (Visual Contrast test) and how that can be useful

1:01:40 HLA screening test- this test looks for sensitive genes

1:03:12  Further testing for CIRS- blood markers and hormone testing

1:05:15 What can be done for people who are dealing with CIRS?

1:09:55 A case history of a 29 year old with CIRS

1:24:15 Why Dr. Gupta developed his special 8 week course

Are you interested in learning more about Dr. Gupta’s Special eight week course?

To learn more or to purchase the course, go to Dr. Gupta’s website Mold Illness Made Simple 

This groundbreaking course has been endorsed by Ritchie Shoemaker, MD…a biotoxin expert and the creator of the Shoemaker Protocol, which is the only protocol available for treating CIRS due to chronic mold exposure.

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