What Do Household Cleaners Really Do to the Body?

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People regularly use store-bought household cleaners to clean their homes. But they often don’t know that when they do, they expose themselves to harmful chemicals. These chemicals may take a toll on their health when used each week. Earlier this year, the University of Bergen in Norway concluded a 20-year study. This study followed 6230 […]

Dangerous Drugs In Our Water

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Did you know that every time your clients take a drink of tap water, they’re taking drugs? And It’s far more than just fluoride and chlorine that they are consuming. A recent study has shown that there is widespread contamination in municipal water supplies caused by common pharmaceuticals. Not just floating around in the reservoirs, […]

8 Toxic Ingredients that May Be Lurking in Your Personal Care Products

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When it comes to personal care products, most people are unaware of what is in the products that they use. What can be dangerous for their health however, is how often they may be exposing themselves to toxic ingredients without even knowing it! In order to have optimal health, it is vital to limit exposure […]

Unexpected Places BPA May Be Hiding

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Bisphenol A, better known as BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used for more than fifty years. It is primarily used in the making of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.  It is used in such a large number of products that most human beings are exposed to it on a regular basis. The […]

18 Signs Your Lymphatic System is Clogged and How to Get It Moving Again!

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If you have been living with nagging health issues and are looking to restore your health and feel better, one function of the body that is vital to address is detoxification. One system of the body that is of particular importance for detoxification is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system, which runs parallel to the […]

Four Reasons to Skip Bottled Water

Bottled water is big business. In the US alone, more than 70 million bottles of water are sold each year. The average American consumes 167 bottles of water yearly and global sales revenue from water is more than 60 billion dollars. And consumption is steadily increasing. But there is a dark side to consuming bottled […]