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How to Know When Your Hormones are Out of Whack


How to Know Your Hormones are Out of Whack

Many women struggle with hormone imbalance, but aren’t even aware that they have an issue with hormones. This is partly because the symptoms that are common with hormonal imbalances are just accepted as “normal”. But they are not normal. It is not normal for a woman to experience hot flashes, low libido, weight issues, fatigue or brain fog.

Main lifestyle factors that contribute to hormone imbalance and some easy changes that you can make that can help to get your hormones back in balance. Hormone changes are now starting to happen before menopause, and menopause is happening at earlier ages than ever before.

How to you recognize when hormone imbalance is affecting your health and what are some of the things that can be done to prevent or reverse the most common hormone issues?

Recently FDN’s Reed Davis had the opportunity to sit down with Melissa Koerner of Betterbeyond50,com and talk about the hormone imbalance issues that women face that are being considered “normal” by mainstream medicine.

Some of the things that Reed and Melissa discuss include:

The most common imbalances that you are seeing in women over 50.

Why are these changes happening in their body and at younger ages than normal?

What are some of the symptoms that are common with hormonal imbalance?

What are some of the things that women are doing that are contributing to hormonal balance?

The HIDDEN sources of stress that cause hormonal imbalance that many women don’t recognize.

The importance of lifestyle factors in hormone issues.

Why women should incorporate the DRESS protocol in order to help re-balance hormones.

Why food alone won’t help to re-balance the hormones and what women should consider adding.

What are some things in a woman’s diet that can contribute to hormone imbalance?

Clues that women are eating the right foods for their body.

How insulin resistance contributes to hormonal imbalance.

To read more from Melissa Koerner, please visit her site: Better Beyond 50.

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