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Quick Tip: How to Build You Health Coaching Network
How to network online and build a prospect pipeline of new clients.
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Quick Tip: how to build an online health coaching business

Setting up your Health Coaching business and being your own boss is very gratifying. Whether you work 1 on 1 with clients, run group Health Coaching classes, or have a virtual Health Coaching program, your freelance Health Coaching opportunities are endless.

Attracting clients is key to the success of any self-employed Health Coach. Having a successful online marketing strategy will allow you to share your business brand on social media to draw in clients.

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Online Platforms to Help Build Your Network

Here are 2 online business platforms you should check out for expanding your Health Coaching network.

LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for business professionals to connect with one another.

It’s is ideal for building connections for freelance work, by connecting with people you know and then building a larger network through these connections filled with people who are interested in your Health Coaching services.

Upwork is a popular freelance platform connecting skilled freelance professionals with jobs around the world.

This is an online platform which can be used to find Health Coaching clients by posting about your services or replying to a post from someone looking for a Health Coach.

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Of course with the training and skills as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, you will never run out of employment opportunities and potential clients because FDN Health Coaches are the most successful in the world of health and wellness.

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