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Health Coaching Jobs: What Does A Health Coach Do?


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Health Coaching Jobs: What Does A Health Coach Do?

As a skilled Health Coach you have numerous career paths available to you.

Here are 4 career options you may want to consider.

Start your own Health Coaching business. You can coach clients online, over the phone or face-to-face. Being your own boss gives you flexibility to choose your own hours and to create your Health Coaching business as you envision it to be.
Work in a hospital or clinical practice. Research confirms Health Coaching improves health outcomes and can reduce healthcare costs.
Work for a health insurance company. Health insurance companies are hiring Health Coaches in an effort to reduce healthcare costs.
Start a freelance health blog. If you enjoy writing and sharing your Health Coaching knowledge, become a freelance health blog writer.

Getting the best training is key to your success as a Health Coach. Great Health Coaches find the best accredited program that matches their goals and provides the skills and tools to be the best in the field of health and wellness. And the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) course is that program!

FDN training sets you apart from all other Health & Wellness Coaches by helping you to identify the real physiological, bio-chemical and behavioral problems that will allow clients to improve overall health & well-being.

That is why FDN practitioners are the most successful Health Coaches in health & wellness today.

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