Episode 218: Announcing Our Hormone Workshop w/ Reed Davis and Detective Ev (IG Live Replay)




[00:00:00] Detective Ev: All right. What’s going on everyone? We’re having a great time here at FDN. We have an awesome announcement for you guys with our hormone workshop. I don’t know if you actually knew that that’s what this announcement was going to be yet. But I will be hopping on with the big man himself in just a moment, Reed Davis.

I was looking at our podcast stats lately. Canada and Australia are having a back and forth between our second most listened to countries with the first being the United States.

I’m bringing on Reed Live. Gimme one sec here. Here we go. Alright, Reed. That was one of our best ones yet, man.

[00:00:33] Reed Davis: Fantastic. Can you hear me, okay?

[00:00:34] Detective Ev: Yeah. This is awesome. We were just having everyone shout out where they’re from. We got Washington, Philly. Philly is cool. I’m actually in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We should connect, definitely reach out. We got everyone all over the world here.

It’s kind of amazing. You know, just started out FDN all these years ago with doing these talks in San Diego and now look at what this is, man. We got people in different countries, all these different time zones reaching out. Today guys, what we’re talking about is our hormone workshop. We’ve never actually done something exactly like this, it’s going to be pretty cool.


It’s a way that you can get in and learn about some of the things that we get to learn as FDNs, except you don’t have to go through the whole program. It’s a really affordable price.

Hormone Workshop: To Reach More People

This is going to be going down March 2nd, and it’s at 4:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM EST. I’ll be on there Live, actually, with Jo Pate. We will be going through 70 plus slides for you guys, talking about a lot of nerdy stuff and we’ll go through that today.

But Reed, one of the things I wanted to just start off with to let people know what’s going on, is why are we offering this. It’s only $11 to do this workshop. I mean, we valued it at over $700 with all the things that we’re including. I know we’ll touch on those later. But why this, right? When we offer this huge course, why do the workshop?

[00:01:42] Reed Davis: Well, we want more people to be exposed and have money not be an object for it. You have to charge something and it kind of gets them to commit to showing up. But the real reason is the mission.

So, in 1999, that’s in the last century, some of you probably weren’t born yet, I started helping people. My goal was always to help as many people as possible. After spending 10 years in an office learning the craft, I put a course together. That was back in 2008. What I realized, Evan, was that boy, I’m helping a lot of people.


Our clinic was getting really famous, and we were just outperforming standard medicine. We were getting people on natural wellness pathways, and they were really excited and happy and referring us. We had something that was working. People kept telling me, Reed, if you would teach others how to do this, think of how many people you could help then.

Hormone Workshop: March 2nd, 2023

I didn’t think I’d be a teacher. I was totally happy just promoting FDN in our clinic and running a great clinic and everybody’s happy. But when the thought occurred to me, it finally sunk in. Think of how many people you could help if you could deputize others.

So, since 2008 we’ve been doing that, and now we’re in 50 countries. How did I know? But that’s the deal. That’s why we’re doing this in the big picture.

[00:03:04] Detective Ev: I love this, and some people are already asking, so thanks. You’re a step ahead of me. We have a hormone workshop going on. We’re actually still explaining what it is, but if you want the link to it, we’ll give you all the information. If you just dropped the word hormones below, we’ll make sure it’s sent to you guys.


The date is March 2nd. It’s at 4:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM EST. When you get it for the $11, you actually get a lifetime replay. So, even if you can’t make it that day, you could still catch the replay. But I would recommend it because we’re doing a live Q&A at the very end of it. I’m expecting that to be a pretty cool thing.

We have, “uncovering the truth about stress hormones to jumpstart your health coaching career.” Couldn’t have said any better, Kay-Marie, I absolutely agree.

Hormone Workshop: You Gotta Understand Hormones

All right, one of the things I wanted to touch on as well is why do health coaches in particular need to understand hormones.

Obviously, there’s many programs out there and some of them really don’t touch on that. They might touch on dietary theories or how to set health goals, which is of course very important. You can’t really get anywhere if you don’t have a goal. But not everyone gets trained in the hormones.

And I would say that’s one of the things we’re trained in best as FDNs. I learned so much about this stuff. As my girlfriend and best friend and his girlfriend are going through the course right now, Reed, they’re almost graduated actually. They were just shocked. These are college educated people. One has a degree in analytical chemistry, and he was just so impressed by what he was learning on the hormone side in FDN.

So, why do health coaches need to know this? What benefit do they get?

[00:04:21] Reed Davis: Well, one of the first things to break down is the body’s exposed to the environment. As they say, we’re only human, so your body’s going to break down.

One of the first things to break down is your hormones. It starts with cortisol and DHEA, those are hormones. Cortisol goes up, DHEA goes down, you’re in a catabolic state. Now your body’s really breaking down. What’s the next thing to go? The sex hormones. Because when you say hormones, people think of testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, but there’s others.


There is that cortisol to DHEA ratio, which kind of controls the whole thing. Then you’ve got melatonin and others. You’ve gotta understand the hormones because it’s one of the first areas the body breaks down.

Hormone Workshop: Not Focusing on Diagnoses or Symptoms

[00:05:01] Detective Ev: Someone said, “is this different than what is taught in the course?” It’s actually part of it, but you get way more being in the FDN course.

If you’re already an FDN, I should have mentioned, this would not be something that you’d really want to do because you already have this and then some in the FDN course. This is for people out there who are health practitioners or wanting to become them. Maybe they’re not ready to make this huge jump yet.

We’re giving it to you for $11. Since we have so many people on, that’s how we’re able to do this. We’re able to give you a lot of value for something super cheap.

Then someone said, “hello to both Evan and Reed.” Hello. Thanks for hopping on. I’m sorry that I don’t know how to pronounce your username, but I feel like you hop on with us a lot. So, thank you for that. I remember you before we had 40 people on these lives.


I was wanting to talk about too, this is a little confusing for people, the symptoms that might be relevant to this workshop. Now, one thing you guys will learn in this workshop is why we’re not really focusing on diagnoses or the symptoms, per se. There’s clinical correlation and we’ll touch on that, but they’re almost irrelevant in a sense, cause we’re going even deeper.

But some of the symptoms that might be associated with these hormone issues, and you might be seeing these in your clients, guys, are the weight gain and stubborn belly fat, low energy and fatigue, low libido, dry and irritated skin, hair loss. I’m just listening off a few.

What else you got off the top of your head?

Hormone Workshop: Systems that Go Off with Stress

[00:06:14] Reed Davis: Well, you named some of them. I’m thinking that as the body’s breaking down almost any symptom could occur. If you’re going to fix it, hormones are part of it.


I mean, there’s the immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy production, autonomic balance, and that’s what I’ve seen go off with stress. You’re going to get hormone imbalances and the autonomic nervous system; you’re probably going to go into fight/flight.

So, any one of those symptoms, anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, bad moods, and those kind of things go along with it. But it could also result, depending on one’s weak links, in other things occurring, like you said, low libido, inability to build muscle, energy levels, of course, and on and on.

[00:07:00] Detective Ev: Absolutely. We got a lot of questions already. Guys, feel free, throw them at us. I always say, especially when Reed’s on, if I was not a trainee yet, I’d be asking questions all day. You guys getting on for free.

We have some smart people watching today, that’s for sure. Someone said, “do we have to meet a deadline to start the program?” If you mean the workshop, no, because we have the replay. And if you mean the actual FDN program itself, no, you could start at any time.

I mean, we have a huge staff that seems to be growing by the week. We are able to take you guys at any time and still give you that mentorship and the things that we do. Someone said, “I’m planning on starting the course in April, but I will register for this workshop as well.” Yes, especially for the $11, I’d highly recommend that. You’ll get yourself a nice base prior to getting into the course in April. Highly recommend that.

Hormone Workshop: Bone Density Problems

[00:07:44] Reed Davis: Someone said, “osteopenia.”


Yeah, bone density problems are just another common thing that happens with the cortisol to DHEA imbalance. We do teach you in the course how estrogen affects your bones.

Progesterone affects your bones, even testosterone and especially cortisol. It’s known that high cortisol, especially if it’s artificial, like cortisol medication, cortisone and these kinds of things, asthma inhalers, skin creams, and all this stuff deteriorates the bones. You would never want to do it unless you’re at least 35 years or older, cause bones are still growing, believe it or not, till you’re about 30. So, osteopenia, osteoporosis, and all kinds of things.

I saw someone in there really quick, Evan, say, “are we hiring?” Yeah, we’re hiring FDNs. I have 40 people, including Evan, on the staff, and they’re all FDNs. Maybe there’s one or two in bookkeeping, but everyone else. This has grown since 2008.

Everyone that took the course thought, hey, can I help you somehow? That’s how we’ve grown, just by bringing everybody into the interior family too. Just like Evan, he was a graduate and had some talent, wanted to help and look what he’s doing. He’s doing amazing things.

He goes and speaks in public for us. He runs the podcast; he runs these Instagram Lives and things like that. Heck yeah. We’re ready to put people to work cause we are expanding. But you gotta be an FDN.

[00:09:06] Detective Ev: Well, talent is subjective, Reed. So, thank you very much, I appreciate that.

Hormone Workshop: Take this Info and Run

We had someone else say, “thank you for specifying that this is for people that maybe are not trainees yet.”

Absolutely. And if you’re just tuning in with us, cause I know we got a lot of people coming in and out, probably, we are talking about our hormone workshop. We’ve never actually done something like this Live, but this is a way that for only $11 you can kind of get into our world of FDN.

We’re going through 70 slides. You have to listen to me the whole time and my co-host there that day, Jo Pate. But if you like listening to me, then this could be fun for you and you’re going to learn how we think about hormones and what we actually do to address these things as FDNs.


And this is stuff that you can immediately apply into any health coaching practice, right? You can go take this information and run. We do give you access to a lifetime replay, so even if you can’t get onto that day, that’s totally fine.

Drop the word hormones below and we will make sure someone reaches out right now or right after the live so that you can get the link to that. But that’s just drop the word hormones below.

Someone said, “once you’re in balance with hormones, can you stop taking the hormone supplements like pro adapt?”

[00:10:11] Reed Davis: Yeah, sure. The whole idea behind supplements is that they substitute for what you’re not getting, whether from diet, lifestyle, or what have you.

Eventually, if things go back to what we want, which is equilibrium, you know, homeostasis is the official term, then yeah, you could cut back.

Hormone Workshop: Skin Conditions

But a lot of people take a long time to heal cause it took them a long time to get where they’re at, you know? So, depending on the progression of the downward spiral in chronic stress related conditions, that could give us a clue along with the labs of how long it would take you to get back to quote/unquote “normal”.

[00:10:52] Detective Ev: Someone just made a comment saying, “skin conditions as well are affected.” I know that all too well. That was kind of the coolest part about FDN for me. I mean, I had a lot of other stuff going on, but let’s be honest, severe acne was the one I cared about the most, especially as a young man.

You know, FDN, because we don’t treat or diagnose anything specifically, they never said, here’s this thing for your acne, or we’re going to run this test for your acne, nothing like that. We just did the FDN system. As we did the things that we would do for almost anyone, of course it can be tailored a little bit because there’s bio individuality, but the core system remains fundamentally the same. Yet, you know, my skin’s looking the best that it ever has.


That happened shortly after going through FDN, even though this was the first place I ever went to that wasn’t treating the acne. Well, if you know better, it’s not ironic. But to the average person, it seems ironic then when you stop treating the symptom and the skin. That’s actually when my stuff started getting better because we were looking at other stuff. So, great comment.

Hormone Workshop: Insight Into FDN

Okay, what else have we got here? Alright, a few people are dropping the word hormones.

If you’re just tuning in and wondering why there’s a spam of hormones in the chat, it’s because that’s how you will get access to our hormones workshop. It’s only $11. You got two hours with yours truly, and co-host, Jo Pate. We’re going through 70 slides teaching you guys all this stuff about hormones that a lot of our trainees get to learn.


Now, of course, if you are a trainee, you get way more than this in the course, plus all the other stuff that we teach. But this is a nice little thing to actually get an insight into our world. It’s stuff that you can go run with and apply in your own practice.

But Reed, this is not just for people necessarily that are already health coaches with a thriving practice, right? Aren’t there some other people that could benefit from this, probably?

Hormone Workshop: Getting the Basics

[00:12:23] Reed Davis: Yeah. FDNs could listen to get reminded, and it’s exciting to be part of the community and just to chime in.

That’s a beauty of FDN. When I first taught my very first course back in 2008, I thought that people would take the course and go forth and multiply, go do what you were taught. But they, in a sense, just sort of wouldn’t go away.

The community formed immediately as one of camaraderie and mutual mission, very mission driven, things like that. So, from day one, from the first class, we’ve had this strong sense of community.

Anything we produce, well, it’s for new people who aren’t FDNs yet or otherwise, is welcome. I would love to see some FDNs we know there.

[00:13:05] Detective Ev: Yeah. We had Suzanne say that she is an FDNP and she’s going to register because it’s good to re-listen to the foundational basics. I absolutely believe that because the longer that I’ve been in FDN, the more that I’ve realized what you told us in the course anyway, that D.R.E.S.S. is the main thing – diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction supplementation. If you really learned to nail that down and intelligently apply it to your clients, you’ll help them more than most people out there. Right?


The labs are fantastic, and we learn so much about that in the course. But at the end of the day, you’re wasting your time if you don’t get the basics down. You gotta learn that stuff and don’t underestimate them just because they are basics, right?

Hormone Workshop: Getting Results

I’ve been doing boxing, Reed. I told you that when we were in San Diego. Our trainer just has us doing the jab over and over and over again. Of course, you want to be doing fancy combos and stuff like that. Well, dude, you’re not going to be doing any combos or knocking anyone out until you get this other stuff down. Right? That really is true. If you go watch a match, you’ll see people throwing the jab all day long.


Someone said, now this is just a really nice comment, “I love this program. I haven’t seen anything comparable. I literally have been fantasizing it exists as I don’t want to have to go to school to be a doctor.” This is a great point, because we still need doctors and Reed is the first one to tell you this. But a lot of people are going to school for certain things, to get a certain result that is not actually required to go to school for.

I remember Reed, when I was doing the course enrollment stuff, I got a call from someone that wanted to go to naturopathic school, and that’s wonderful. We have naturopaths that are in FDN. I said, all right, cool. What do you want to do? They said, well, I want to help clients and I want to work with people from a natural perspective. I said, Okay.

I’m not going to go through the whole story, but we dug deeper. The reality of it, what it came down to, is they didn’t want to be a naturopathic doctor per se. They wanted to be able to do what they believed a naturopathic doctor can do.

Hormone Workshop: Wanting to Help People Holistically

I let them know, we can actually get the same results similarly to what you wanted, in FDN. And you can go through this in nine months if you’re willing to work hard and just study. Then you can be out here using labs and doing supplements and stuff like that. Once they realize that, it’s cool.


There’s times and places for all these credentials and all these degrees depending on what the goal is. But for many of us, we just want to help people, we want to do it a holistic way. To do that, what I just said, you don’t have to go to school for 12 years to do it. In fact, sometimes it might be best not to do it, depending on how you want to help people, I would say.

Okay. What else? We got a lot of people dropping hormones. It’s going to be a good workshop. You guys are putting pressure on me. I better come up with something good to say. No, I’m kidding. We have some good stuff for you guys.

I actually want to talk about what we are going to be nerding out on next. Some of the stuff that’s coming the top of my head is we’re going to be explaining to people the brain/body diagram, Reed, which I actually talk about in schools still to this day. I break it down a little more simply, but just so you know, that gets used to kids to explain to them.

Hormone Workshop: Nerding Out on the Labs

Think about it, especially as a young person, all they see is the symptom. That’s the only thing they’ve ever been told. And a lot of adults, they’re more the ones that are hard to get the message through to. When I tell that to a student, they’re like, oh, that makes a lot of sense. They intuitively get this when I explain that.

In addition to the brain/body diagram, that’s kind of a whole philosophy behind the FDN system, what else are we going to be nerding out on? Cause this is not just going to be some borderline baseline workshop. We’re actually diving deep into some topics.


[00:16:08] Reed Davis: Well, you’re going to nerd out on the labs, which is cortisol, DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone. We’re going to look at melatonin, secretory IgA, because these things are all interconnected.

When you have stress, it throws you into a catabolic state, your body just starts breaking down. Now, if you resolve the stress really quickly, things should go back to “normal”, quote/unquote. I hate the word normal, but, you know, homeostasis is a desire. The stress is so chronic, and you don’t even know where most of it is coming from.

Hormone Workshop: Test, Don’t Guess

It could be from aches and pains from old injuries. It could be from chemical and biochemical assault from the environment, new clothing, household care products, personal care products, and on and on. So, you got all of those aches and pains from injuries. You got the chemical stressors from the environment. You got biochemical stressors that your own body’s making.

Then you got, of course, when you say the word stress, people think of, my job, or all my relationships, or all my money, or all my kids, all these. You have all these different types of stress. It’s ubiquitous and it eventually catches up with you.


The cool thing about FDN is we look at the measure, we measure the hormones involved. We’re not guessing. We’re testing. Hey, this should be an expression. You know, test, don’t guess.

Anyways, so yeah, we look at the data and it gives you an objective finding that you can then feel responsible toward. The first comment when we show people their test results is, how come no one else ever showed me this? I mean, we’re basically explaining exactly why they feel as lousy as they do. This is why you feel so crappy. This is off. That’s off. This is like this. This should be here, but it’s here. And they go, wow.

The next question is always, well, what do I do about it? That’s where the all-natural, a hundred percent drug-free protocols come in. You got yourself into this, you can get yourself out of this. It’s the most empowering way of thinking that I know of.

Hormone Workshop: Taking Control of Your Own Health

I mean, I can tell so many stories, I know that we have limited time here.

But I have to say what got me involved, cause I was in a different field. I was in environmental law saving the whole planet, air, birds, water, trees, bees, you know. I was out there on my motorcycle in the desert, fixing things. And I started thinking about, well, what about people?

I’m finding dead animals and birds and bodies of water that were polluted and on and on. Lot of opportunity for healing the planet. But I turned my attention to opportunities for healing people. I went to work, and I changed jobs. And what I just said is very applicable.


You know, you need to take control, yourself. That’s what FDN is about. The people that I met in the office, those first few months and years, they had no control. They just were putting their health in other people’s hands and getting disappointed with the results. Well, it’s not finding the right person, it’s taking that responsibility and getting the right data and actionable plan and system. That’s what FDN is, it’s a systematized, find out what’s wrong and how to fix it, program.

[00:19:14] Detective Ev: I love this message about personal responsibility and if you got yourself into this, whether intentionally or unintentionally, most likely it was the latter, you can get yourself out. That’s probably the most rewarding part about FDN.

It’s really darn cool actually when you get the initial labs back. Maybe it’s a hormone test. Like for myself, I was 21 years old at the time and I’m in the exhaustive phase of HPA axis dysfunction. And if you don’t know what that is, we’ll be touching on that in the workshop.

Hormone Workshop: Making Positive Changes in Health

At first, it’s validating, and then second, you’re like, oh darn. My body’s not in a great spot right now.


But what’s cool is when I got that next hormone lab back and I had moved myself up into a very minor version of the acute phase of HPA axis dysfunction, that’s progress, guys. That’s a huge difference in the outcome of my life because I learned about this stuff through FDN. It’s just amazing. It’s fun and it’s cool to be able to look at this stuff objectively.

Someone said, this is from our conversation before, “doctors need coaches because they can’t spend as much time explaining the information as we can after each patient.” Absolutely. You know, people need that time, and they also need the expertise of the doctor. It’s kind of cool that we can all work together.

Kim said, “I am currently taking the FDN course, and if you are on the fence about enrolling it is by far the most robust and well-rounded course available.” Thank you, that is awesome.

“I received a doctoral degree in 2015, civil engineering, but my life mission is to help people recover from chronic illness.” Excellent. We have plenty of engineers, believe it or not, that have gone through the FDN course, and I think that’s because of the systematized nature of FDN.

If you check out our podcast, the Health Detective Podcast, go look at the titles. I have a few engineers that have interviewed on there. You might like that if you’re considering becoming an FDN. She said, “thank you for developing this.” You are welcome. She was thanking you, Reed. Wow, we got a lot of comments.

Hormone Workshop: Advanced Information

All right, so if you guys are just tuning in and kind of confused, a lot of comments going on and we’re talking a lot, we are doing a hormone workshop. It is a hundred percent Live. There’s going to be a Q&A at the end. Myself and Jo Pate, one of the other people here at FDN, we are going to be going through 70 plus slides on the way that we think about and deal with hormone issues as FDNs.


This is advanced stuff. It’s not just going to be a kind of boring webinar. You will actually learn something. It’s only $11, and you can go take this and apply this in your own life if you’re just a consumer. But especially if you’re a health coach or practitioner already, or thinking about becoming one, this is something that you can apply the very next day with your clients.

If you want to get that, drop the word hormones below. If you’ve seen other people doing that, that’s why. Drop the word hormones below and we’ll make sure to send you over.

One thing I wanted to talk about, Reed, and towards the end of your last answer, we were kind of getting to this, I just want to ask it explicitly. You were talking about how when people get our labs back and our results back, they’re like, we can show them how they feel or why they feel a certain way.

Hormone Workshop: Going Farther Upstream

Now, when people go to the Western Medicine doc sometimes, through really no fault of their own, I mean the Western Medicine docs are doing what they know how to do, a lot of times, their labs look normal over there. But they can come to us the very next day and our labs don’t look so normal. Just for someone that might be hearing this for the first time, or maybe they just started following us, why is it that the labs that Western Medicine is running can look normal while simultaneously ours actually really don’t show any normalcy whatsoever?


[00:22:17] Reed Davis: The simple answer is that we’re going much farther upstream with our labs. Physicians, let me tell you, they’re not doing anything wrong. They’re not bad people. They’re doing what they’re trained to do, which is to save lives and to relieve suffering. They do a very, very good job.

If that’s what you want, and by the way, I recommend you go there because you never know how bad it could get. Doctors are trained in the downward spirals and how fast and deep they can go, so you want that. But if you’re looking to change your lifestyle and get some additional markers, it would tell you more functional markers, these hormone imbalances, the way we look at them, problems with the immune system, the way we look at it, problems with digestion and detoxification, the way we look at it as healing opportunities, they’re not trained in that.

So, if you’re going there to those physicians and complaining about the results, it’s kind of your own fault. You’re going to the wrong place. Your ladder’s up against the wrong wall.

Hormone Workshop: Your Ladder’s On the Wrong Wall

When you want functional medicine or you’re willing to take responsibility for your own health and you want to collect data on your own body that they’re not offering, you have to go get your ladder against the other wall.


It’s not that they’re bad, they’re the wrong wall for you to have your ladder on, if you’re looking to truly recover and restore health. What they do is relieve pain and suffering and try to halt the progress of really quickly downward spiraling, like terminal type conditions.

Both would be great; they work hand in hand. As you said earlier, we do have a lot of physicians now coming to FDN to our alumni group saying, hey, who wants to work for us? I want to hire some FDNs. We’re not an employment agency and we’re not even a trade school, but you will have skills to be able to earn a living.

Most FDNs are private health entrepreneurs. They want to work their own hours; they want to set their own wages and only answer to what’s best for their individual client.

[00:24:21] Detective Ev: What’s crazy with Western Medicine, there are times, guys, where someone’s sick enough that yeah, Western Medicine’s labs are showing up not so great too, and ours aren’t showing up great either.

But it’s an amazing thing to be able to do for someone when they know that they feel bad. Again, through no fault of Western Medicine, they’ve been invalidated by that system because they’re not looking in the right place for what’s going on with this individual. When they come to you and you can show them this stuff, it’s really helpful.

Hormone Workshop: Focusing on Healing Opportunities

Someone said, from the last time I was talking about the workshop, “when is it?” Sorry, I should have said that again. It is March 2nd, and it is going to be at 4:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM EST start time.

It’s going to be about two hours, although there is a live Q&A at the end. I’ll stay on with you guys as long as you want, except not past 10:00 PM EST cause I gotta get a good bedtime to make sure my hormones are taken care of. But outside of that, we’ll stay on pretty much as long as you guys want.

“How will we receive the link?” I believe that when you guys drop the word hormones below, what will happen is someone will shoot the link to you in the direct messages. You should be able to do that. If you guys have any questions, by the way, I know a few people have already asked, but if you have any questions while we are still on, feel free to drop them below. Any questions in general about FDN, or specifically, would be even better, about the workshop itself.

“New here, do you offer a lab testing course?” Well, I don’t know if I would word it in that way. How would you reword that?


[00:25:36] Reed Davis: Yes, sure. We teach a lot about lab testing. It’s not your standard interpretation, which is diagnosis and treatment model, we shy away from that. Instead, we focus on what are the healing opportunities that we can identify for a person, starting with ourselves.

Hormone Workshop: More Skill, More Knowledge, Reed’s Experience

Everyone who takes the FDN course, by the way, runs at least four labs on themselves and I pay the lab fees. You get one-on-one help with your own personal history case, everything going on with you. And I pay for that mentorship. It’s all included in the tuition, running the labs on yourself.

It sounds to me like you might be a good candidate. But another thing that Evan mentioned was, well, where are you in your journey? Would the FDN course be good for me? Obviously, everyone could benefit.

Let’s say you have a college degree or got some college and you’ve also got a certificate or two. You tried personal training, you tried massage, you tried nutrition, and you’re not quite making it. You’re not really building a robust referral-based waiting list practice. That’s the holy grill, robust waiting list, referral-based practice. If you’re not well on the way after a couple years, then you may be doing something that’s not working.


You’re doing something that is not work of you, it’s not working for your clients. You need more skill; you need more knowledge. I will lend you every bit of my experience. Again, I can teach you what I learned in 10 years, in 10 months, all the hard work, trial and error, and all the stuff for you.

I want to quickly shout out to a lot of people who made some very nice comments here. “Thank you for the love.” That’s how FDN is. That’s just how it is, plain and simple. So, if you’re surprised at all the hearts and things, don’t be surprised. This is what incinerates when you’re out helping people and you’re working with like-minded folks.

Hormone Workshop: BHRT

[00:27:29] Detective Ev: Yeah. It’s such a cool community because it’s diverse as can be. You have all different backgrounds, countries, whatever. But you’re all coming together for one core thing and a way of believing in a right for people to have access to health information in this way. I think that’s what’s so cool. It’s one of the most diverse groups I’m a part of actually.

Okay. What else have we got here? “Any discussion in the workshop on BHR?” Well, I’m guessing that’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and perimenopause/menopause. I don’t know that I’ll be talking about that directly per se, but this is all things that we touch on in the FDN course.

So, I will mention why this is relevant. Actually, there are certain circumstances that you’ll learn in the FDN course, if you went through, where bioidentical hormone replacement therapy could technically be a recommendation on a temporary basis.


Of course, we try to stay away from heavy duty stuff, if not necessary. But I’ve had that come up in my practice and it’s amazing. You can get people turned around real quick feeling better. Then what we do with them though is make sure they’re doing the deeper work so that they don’t need those things long term.

I think that’s where a lot of, unfortunately, functional medicine just sometimes is missing the mark. I’m not being negative; I’m just being honest. Cause they’ll throw people on these hormones and there’s no end date. You know what I mean? It’s like, all right, we’ll just use this forever.

Hormone Workshop: Live on Instagram

It’s like, okay, if you really need that life jacket right now, we’re all for that. We don’t want someone to be in pain or suffering needlessly. But we’re still looking at how do we get you out of that water though so that you don’t need the life jacket eventually, in this case that would be the hormones and stuff. We’ll be touching on that stuff indirectly for sure. Good question.

What else we got here?

[00:29:00] Reed Davis: If you want more information, cause I see some questions, just type the word hormones into the chat box, and we will follow up, with all kinds of staff on, paying attention, listening. They want to find out is this something you should do.

And by the way, you know, the price of this thing that Evan’s been talking about, I know it’s really high. But if you could just scrape together $11 from somewhere, just skip lunch one day and you can afford this thing and find out.

[00:29:26] Detective Ev: And call it intermittent fasting. Right? You’ll be good.

Alright. “Will there be a replay?” Yeah, I’ll just run through everything again real quick cause we got a lot of people on here today.


So, we’re talking about our hormone workshop. You can watch this Live; it will be saved on Instagram so you can go through what we’ll be talking about there on our page. But it will be March 2nd, 4:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM EST. It’s going to be about two hours, maybe a little longer cause there’s a live Q&A at the end. I’ll be answering your questions and so will Jo Pate, she’s another person here at FDN. We’re going through 70 slides.

FDNThrive for Public Consumers

It’s a lot of content all about how we think about hormones as FDNs, how we address it. You guys are going to get some information that is actually usually only given to our practitioners and it’s all for $11. How you get the link for that to sign up, is by dropping the word hormones below in the chat. We’ll make sure you get it.


Someone else asks, “Sorry if you have answered this, how would I go about getting my hormones tested through FDN?” Well, we actually haven’t answered that. If you weren’t going through the FDN course and you’re more interested as a client or consumer we can have someone reach out to you, Bethany, from our FDNThrive program. We won’t get too much into that today, but it is where we take on people from the public and you can actually work with an FDN without going through the course, if that’s just not something that’s in your future you’re trying to do. I’ll make sure someone gets reached out to you there if they haven’t already.

Okay. “Do I need a doctor degree in order to recommend or prescribe BHRT? How can we incorporate this with the FDN credentials?”

[00:30:48] Reed Davis: You know, it does require licensure to officially prescribe hormone replacement therapy. That’s not the business we’re in. We’re in, how can you take responsibility for all the input, everything that caused you to have imbalanced hormones and fix it at that level.

Most of those things are stress related. Some could be more medical though, like cysts and surgeries and growths, weird medical stuff and that’s between you and your doctor.

Hormone Workshop: D.R.E.S.S. For Health Success Program

But for someone who just has an imbalance and they’re not sleeping right, and they’ve got brain fog and they’re gaining weight and bad skin, you know, all the things we talked about, there are natural ways to balance your hormones versus just taking the hormone therapy . And by the way, if you’re going to take hormone therapy, obviously we recommend the bioidenticals.

And oh, by the way, some of that stuff’s over the counter. So, if it’s over the counter, then yes, you can educate your clients about that availability, and they can try that if that’s what they prefer to do. I’m not against a lot of things. BHRT is fine temporarily as a relief. If you’re having hot flashes and night sweats and you’re miserable because you’re not sleeping, get some relief care. There’s not a problem with relief care. If bioidentical hormone replacement therapy’s working for you for a temporary period of time, then yeah, I’d say go for it.

And yes, you would have to see someone who is licensed to prescribe that. But if you’re willing to take responsibility for why you need the BHRT, what’s out of balance, is it just the hormones or all the other systems in your body connected, and the answer is yes, they are, we give this comprehensive look.


Then, we don’t say prescription, it’s not a word in our vocabulary really, but our recommendations would include diet and rest and exercise and stress reduction and supplementation, the infamous D.R.E.S.S. or Dress for Health Success program. Man, you’d be surprised what just goes away when you get yourself straightened out based on the lab work. You have the lab work to provide a foundation, markers, benchmarks before and after.

Hormone Workshop: The Body’s Innate Ability to Heal

[00:33:03] Detective Ev: Before and after is the coolest part.

There’s nothing better than feeling better subjectively, then looking at the labs objectively and things are really trending in the right direction. That can happen at any age. The body’s really cool.


We always bring up this example. It’s so simple, but it proves that the body has an innate healing ability. That’s not some like pseudoscientific crap. If I get a paper cut, my finger fixes itself, that’s it, right? That innate healing ability exists through every cell throughout the body.

It’s just that a lot of the times when someone’s dealing with chronic symptoms or disease, it’s a lot more complicated than just a paper cut. I know to stop the paper cut, I just gotta stop picking the scab. We help you figure out some of that more advanced stuff and one of those ways is hormones.

“What brand of supplements do you recommend?” I can cover this one for you, Reed. We’re not loyal necessarily to any one specific lab or brand of supplements. That was one of the coolest things I liked as a practitioner when I came into FDN. Not that there’s anything wrong with repin supplements or labs, that’s fine. But FDN doesn’t have any branded stuff.

FDN goes and finds the best labs for a specific category, the best supplements for a specific category. My gosh, Reed, I must have accounts with almost 10 or 15 labs, supplement labs at this point. I got signed up for Cell Core today, because you’re allowed to do that as an FDN. They approved me in four hours, thank you FDN. We’re not loyal to any one thing, we just want to know what is the best for that individual person in this case.

Supplementation: Substitution, Stimulation, and Support

However, with that said, in the course itself, just for the sake of not getting too confused and overwhelmed, Biomatrix is something that we cover a lot. I know Ultra Life’s still in the course. And I believe that now you guys have updated the course even to have some Bio Botanical stuff in there as well, if I’m not mistaken.

[00:34:35] Reed Davis: Yea. Well, I think you put it right. It’s more about the ingredients. And where I was revising, there are several companies that we really like.


We try to teach you what the ingredients are and what they do for your client, if anything, and then you get to make your own choices. So, you’re not committed to one brand. I think that’s the point is that if you do FDN, no, you don’t have to use one product or another, you get your choices. But you need to know what you’re doing, what those supplements are good for.

We call it the four essences of supplementation, really quickly. Substituting for what is missing from food cause food sucks. Even if you’re eating organic, you’re not getting all the vitamins and minerals in the sense of fatty acids and trace elements and phytonutrients and all these things. So, you’d need to substitute what’s missing from food.

You can stimulate certain things when you need to. Like you’re getting on a plane, you want to stimulate your immune system. Well, that makes sense. Well, we teach you what to use or what you can use if you want to. So, substitution, stimulation. The next test is support. You might need to support your adrenals, support digestion, or support other organs and systems and cells and tissues and the whole thing.

Supplementation: Self-Treatment

And then finally, self-treatment. Now that’s not really a supplement. There’s no such thing as a wormwood deficiency. But you could learn that wormwood helps with certain little critters that you might want to chase away in a natural way.


Substitution, stimulation, support, and of course self-treatment are the four essences of supplementation.

There’s a huge, big module on that. We teach you, I think, what you need to know. And you can go pick and choose who you like or what’s cheaper if you want. We don’t think you should go that way, but you know, you can kind of mix and match. You’re not bound to one brand.

[00:36:22] Detective Ev: Yeah. So, username getingrammy was talking about they were not able to find the link, so I apologize if it wasn’t clear. What will happen, getingrammy, is that when this Live is actually over, when you exit out of this screen, your direct messages, which will be at the top right of your screen, it’s like a little triangle arrow thing, we will shoot you a message. We actually have real people doing this, it’s not automated by like a chat robot or something. It might take a few minutes after the Live to get it to you, but we will make sure you get the link.

Hormone Workshop: Health Coach Workbook & Lifetime Access

And if you’re just tuning in, we’re talking about our hormone workshop. You can get access to it by dropping the word hormones in the chat below, if you’re wondering why people were doing that. It’s March 2nd, 7:00 PM EST, 4:00 PM PST, it is Live.

I will be there with you guys doing 70 slides on hormones. I laugh every time I say that cause it’s going to be a lot. You guys are in for a good show, hopefully, with that one. Then we have a Live Q&A at the end to cover anything that you might want to know and that we may have missed. It is only $11.

This is stuff that you can actually take the next day and go apply in your own life if you’re just interested in getting yourself healthy. Or you can apply in your practice if you are a health coach or someone thinking about it.

And getingrammy said “thank you.” You are very welcome. I’m glad I could help.

One last thing, Reed, I just wanted to touch on. And if you guys have any last second questions, drop them below because you got the man himself here.


I just wanted to go through every little thing that you guys will get in the the hormone workshop, just in a succinct way. You will get the Live workshop itself. You are also going to get a health coach workbook. That’s incorporated with this program as well. It’s going to be fun. Lifetime access to the recording.

Yes, 70 slides is a lot and I talk very fast when I get excited. And I’m excited like 90% of the time I’m talking about FDN. You guys will have recordings of that as long as you need it.

Hormone Workshop: Mind/Body Diagram & Stress Quiz

You’ll also have the live Q&A. Even though you do get the replay, I would highly recommend hopping on so that you can get your questions answered if you have them.


You’ll also get the mind/body diagram. I’ll touch more on that in the workshop itself. And you will get a stress quiz, that is something that you can not only use for yourself, but technically in your practice.

Someone said, “This is fantastic.” I know that name very well. I don’t know who that is behind that, but I actually follow them, I know they’re an FDN. “Thanks. This is fantastic. Thanks for also bringing the best to FDN.”

“If you’re thinking about taking the certification training just do it.” I would recommend that myself. That’s why I got like all these close people in my life going through right now. So, we’re about to have some fun with this.

Last chance, drop the word hormones below.

If you are watching the replay, we will be checking this for at least a few days, possibly more. So, definitely drop the word hormones below or just DM us and we’ll make sure you get the link.

But Reed, is there anything else that we need to cover today? I mean, I got my notes over here and I feel like we touched on almost everything. We got so many people that look like they’re going to be hopping on with us. It’s going to be great!

[00:38:51] Reed Davis: Just thank you. I’m continually blessed and feeling it, and happy that we are able to develop the mission, work on the mission. I could never call it completed because we’re not at that point yet, but we’re well on the way. Also, hello to the people I know.


I see Dr. Hassan just jumped on. I haven’t talked to him in a long time, but I appreciate you and all the other people who gave a little shout out or messaged the love of some sort. I appreciate it. It’s my life’s work. It’s hard to just say one thing about it, as you know.

[00:39:22] Detective Ev: No worries.

Well, guys, we always appreciate you hopping on. If you want more free information outside of the workshop itself, check out the Health Detective Podcast. I host that for FDN. We now have over 215 episodes. There is business advice for health coaches, interviews with our practitioners, some of the craziest health stories that you’ve ever heard.

I just said this actually yesterday, I tagged FDN. One of my favorite stories that I’ve legitimately ever heard on the podcast will be released next Monday. You can get a bunch of other free information from us there. That’s the Health Detective Podcast.

If you want access to the workshop on March 2nd, 70 slides on hormones, done Live with a Q&A as well at the end for you guys, drop the word hormones below.

But outside of that, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys during our next Live, whatever that may be. I’m not sure yet, but I know I will be recruited. So, that’ll be fun. Thank you, guys. See ya.

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