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Why Are Functional Blood Tests Important for You? (VIDEO)


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Having blood tests done at the doctor’s office is pretty common practice. But there is a huge difference between how your doctor will analyze those lab results and how someone who has been trained in functional blood test analysis will look at them. Why is this important for you?

This video answers important questions like:

  • What is blood chemistry analysis?
  • And what do these types of tests measure?
  • What is missing from how doctors currently analyze blood tests?
  • How are functional blood tests different?
  • How can you respond differently to functional blood test result to improve your health?

But what happens if you are already dealing with chronic illness? Functional lab tests can still help! If you are sick and dealing with a laundry list of symptoms, you don’t have to only treat the symptoms! These tests show subtle patterns of dysfunction within the body, which is the one area that doctor’s do not look at. Knowing where those dysfunctions are allows you to begin restoring balance in your body, naturally. As balance and optimal function is restored in the body, your symptoms will naturally lessen and disappear completely. Then you can work with your doctor to adjust or discontinue any medications or other treatments you were receiving for the disease.

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