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Understanding the Various Factors in Health Issues with Reed Davis | Thorough Holistic Treatment


Discover with Dr. Dan

Metabolic health and metabolic chaos 1:34

What they look at when testing 9:11

Reed’s core tenets around diet 12:35

The importance of rest and sleep for overall health 20:24

Exercise 24:37

Stress 30:24

Supplementation 37:07

“We’ve learned through all of this looking upstream not to pick on one thing, not to give a diagnosis. “It’s irritable bowel.” Because as soon as you focus on that one thing, you are ignoring the other 10, or 15, or more things that are going on, that that person would also have to correct to get the outcomes that they came in looking for, including correcting that IBS or hyperthyroidism, or whatever it is. You never really get rid of it if you don’t fix all of the things going on around it.” 4:25

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