The Value of Surrounding Yourself with Experts with Reed Davis


  • [02:41] Reed shares his defining moment.
  • [06:30] He loves the challenge of finding out what is really wrong with people instead of just treating the symptoms.
  • [07:54] They figured out a different system that actually works where they go deeper than the symptoms presenting themselves.
  • [12:05] People should be in control of their health and they should not give up that control to anybody. It is your birthright to have good health.
  • [15:34] The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
  • [16:17] Intelligence is already built-in and we just want it to be expressed in a healthy way. No one gets to control your health but you.
  • [18:01] It is very comforting to know that you have experts around you.
  • [21:09] You have more success when you tell stories better because you get emotionally involved.
  • [24:25] On this VIP day they were able to create and get this talk 95% ready to go over the course of that day.
  • [26:16] Every word counts and that is true if you have 5 minutes or 55 minutes.
  • [26:41] They also worked on making his slides better by including a picture or two, bullet point, or a statement but not very many words. It is all in the delivery, messaging, and storytelling.
  • [28:05] It is difficult to be able to sort and sift through as an expert all of the expertise that we have to offer.
  • [29:13] It is brilliant that you invest in having people around you that are experts in many different fields to help reflect and guide you as you are growing.
  • [30:54] Great persuasion and storytelling help people feel understood.
  • [32:58] It is how to make your offer that matters too. You need a soft close with a call to action where you are not really selling but calling them to take the next step.

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